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Dj Slip - Popmusic

Dj Slip


DJ SLIP slams his second Kanzleramt 12''. The Minneapolis resident rocks the SP1200 like no other in techno. Let's have at it!

12inch Kanzleramt: KA026 € 6,99

Anthony Rother - Dreampeople

Anthony Rother


Clashy electro techno tracks with vocals..

12inch Psi 49net: Psi49net 023 € 10,00

Raiders of the Lost ARP - 4

Raiders of the Lost ARP


Mario Pierro (Jolly Music/MAT101) with a stunning technoish electro/house album.. with tracks known from there top selling Pigna and Nature labels.. T... more...

CD Nature: NAT2125CD € 9,99

Trouble funk - Trouble funk express

Trouble funk

Trouble funk express

Great early electro/hip hop classic, remake of kraftwerk classic(before afrika bambataa), Serious record!!

12inch D.E.T.T.: D.E.T.T. € 18,15

V/A - Monobox RMX vol.4


Monobox RMX vol.4

4th remix session with Ben Nevile, Sety, Noze and the original Monobox version of ''Renumber''

12inch Logistic: Logistic 040 € 9,00

Mr Cisco - Life is Life ep

Mr Cisco

Life is Life ep

Mr Cisco aka Francisco, part of Raiders Of The Lost ARP and Jolly Music, already made a huge emerge onto the scene with his releases on Pigna and Natu... more...

EP Klakson: Klakson011 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sensurreal - Ethor Dyon


Ethor Dyon

The Return of the mighty Sensurreal. One of the biggest Dutch techno names. Classic Detroit techno as only has been produced during the mid-90's. Mus... more...

12inch Fortek: FT012 € 7,99

Vice - Playerhater E.P. Volume 2


Playerhater E.P. Volume 2

More dirty banging Kalamazoo techno tracks! From 1997.

12inch Black nation: Black Nation 230 € 8,99

V/A - Electronic Generation


Electronic Generation

''The giant leap made by technology in the past decades, made humanity depending on electronics for a big part. Electronics created new ways of produc... more...

2LP So Nasty: SNP001 € 8,99

Duplex - Late Night Driving


Late Night Driving

The long awaited debut album of Duplex. Produced in the suburbs of Rotterdam, Duplex are suppliers of deep inner city techno of the highest quality. 1... more...

CD Clone: C#cd06/Clone € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Terrace - Interesting Times


Interesting Times

A complete CD album offering 10 songs made by Terrace over the last 7 years. As night falls, the road before you unfolds. Slowly, all the bustle dissi... more...

CD Eevolute: Eevo008cd € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Z-Bomb - Keepers of the cheese


Keepers of the cheese

Pounding electrobot and sinister industrial tecno from holland.

12inch Bunker: B3068 € 10,99

Arne Weinberg - Nebula Trap ep

Arne Weinberg

Nebula Trap ep

Detroit techno soul candy from Glasgows Arne Weinberg. As Arcadia (FS001) still being one of our favorite tracks, it was about time to do a complete E... more...

12inch Frantic Flowers: FS009 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kenny Hawkes & David Parr - Gemini (Mr G remix)

Kenny Hawkes & David Parr

Gemini (Mr G remix)

Radio Slave's Rekid imprint returns with another big session, with Toby Tobias and Mr G on remix duties. The original track is a slightly carnivalesqu... more...

12inch REKIDS: Rekids015 € 9,99

Soul Tech - Rock The Bells / Jit Footwork

Soul Tech

Rock The Bells / Jit Footwork

After a 10 year Hiatus, Detrechno is back with a new release from Soul Tech! Rock the Bells and Jit Footwork are not to be missed for fans of classic... more...

12inch Detrechno (Detroit): Detrechno007 € 9,99

Pole - Steingarten Remixes Vol.4
12inch ~scape: Scape051 € 8,99

K.Hand / Claude Young - Untitled

K.Hand / Claude Young


Excellent techno record by Kelli Hand and Claude Young. Including ''Everybody''. (Currently offering the new 2015 repress)

12inch Acacia: AR011 € 9,99

Peaches & Cream / Ski - Freaks / Paper Chasing

Peaches & Cream / Ski

Freaks / Paper Chasing

Very rare 1989 Detroit techno/electro produced by Eddie Fowlkes & Juan Atkins. Sweet! Near mint condition, played once or twice.

12inch Silo: Silo001 € 34,99

EQD - Equalized #001


Equalized #001

Strong post Basic Channel techno from Berlin, stamped white label with no artist info. Recommended!

12inch Equalized: EQD001(55688) € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jussi Pekka - Stream Horse

Jussi Pekka

Stream Horse

Phat rocking techno with a nice smooth house mix by Motorcitysoul remix.

12inch Laka: Laka006 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Madteo - Memoria



Repress! Morphine head once again into the avant-garde with this cool release from Madteo (Lanquid). 9 tracks of experimental deepness - to appeal to... more...

2x12inch Morphine: Doser006 € 16,99

Jackmate - Mont Blanc


Mont Blanc

Jackmates return on Phil E records is a total understatement: ''Mont Blanc'' feels like a sunrise with the beams of sonic rays atop of a floating, int... more...

12inch Phil E: Phile2007 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Hek - Poppadom Preach (inc. Female remix)


Poppadom Preach (inc. Female remix)

RSB return and welcome a new artist to the fold. Having analysed in some depth the currently stale techno market, and noting the rapturous response to... more...

12inch RSB: RSB4 € 9,29

Basti Grub - #5

Basti Grub


Crazy minimal house cut that stands out of the pack by its simple and no nonsense, non pretentious aproach. Nice grooving tracks with wierd cut up abs... more...

12inch Hoehenregler: Hoehen005 € 5,99

The Rice Twins - The Signifier

The Rice Twins

The Signifier

Nice clean string loaded housetracks on K2. This time not the clean minimal kompakt sound but warm string loaded tracks that have the potential to giv... more...

12inch K2: K233 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Louis Guilliaume - Soulpoint II

Louis Guilliaume

Soulpoint II

SOULPOINT II is the second EP by LOUIS GUILLIAUME and it surely lives up to the high expectations created by the first installment. SOULPOINT II is an... more...

12inch SD Records: SD13 € 9,99

Lerosa - Lovers ep


Lovers ep

Four very nice stripped & warm but raw US-influenced house tracks by the man from Dublin. Some absolutely stand out tracks from this talented guys who... more...

12inch Millions Of Moments: MOM014 (orange vinyl) € 11,99

Winx - Stay Out All Night (Todd Terry remix)
12inch Ovum: Ovum191 € 4,49

Hip-j - Moody Moon ep


Moody Moon ep

“Moody moon” is a surprising and bewitching creation that draws the listener in for an aural expedition with every play, plunging to the heart of tech... more...

12inch Spagh: SPAGH002 € 4,99

Stefan Tretau - Bricks ep

Stefan Tretau

Bricks ep

To proof once again Tretau is on top of his game, he comes with this killer EP preceding his anticipated debut album Bricks to be released on Fortek e... more...

12inch Fortek: FT024 € 7,99

Dj Pierre - I've Lost Control

Dj Pierre

I've Lost Control

Dj Pierre's ode to the original Sleazy D - I've lost control. A hard jacking wild pitch version. B-side is a Glenn Underground remix hat makes us thin... more...

12inch Gigolo: Gigolo232 € 8,99

Joerg Mueller - Mjiu

Joerg Mueller


Minimal & moody dub/ambient techno. Highly limited (250 copies), stamped carton package. more...

CDr Shoreless Recordings: Shore005 € 7,99

Shirazi - Morning Drive EP


Morning Drive EP

Morning Drive EP is the debut release of Rotterdam’s best-kept secret Detroit techno producer Shirazi. The EP contains an intense Vince Watson remix a... more...

12inch team records: Team004 € 2,99

Nukubus - Skylark (Louis Guilliaume’s New Tomorrow Mix)


Skylark (Louis Guilliaume’s New Tomorrow Mix)

“One for the mind, the heart and the feet. Bring down those walls...” The original Skylark by Nukubus has already devastated some sound systems this... more...

One sided 12 VONK: VONK-N1X € 7,99

Kenneth Bager - Fragments one remixes pt1

Kenneth Bager

Fragments one remixes pt1

a tasty set of mixes from Style of Eye, who drops an insane quirky (almost fidgety) house remix and Robot Coupe, who offers a dubby, beaty version wit... more...

12inch Music For Dreams: zzzus12032 € 3,99

Brendon Moeller - Safari ep

Brendon Moeller

Safari ep

A1 - Traffic (new wipers mix) is a driving 'wide-screen' track which will turn the dancefloor into a heaving mass of frequencies and beats. A2 - Sligh... more...

12inch Third Ear: 3eep101 € 5,99

Sante & Stffen Herb - Supervision (adam Marshall remix)

Sante & Stffen Herb

Supervision (adam Marshall remix)

New rekids signings santé and steffen herb drop club bomb 'supervision'. radio slave was headline guest at chateau knarz in ulm, germany when the resi... more...

12inch REKIDS: Rekids034 € 8,99

Schwanbeck - Radio ep


Radio ep

Schwanbeck loves organic soundscapes, laidback grooves and not being too predictable. This beautifull dubby Tech-release also includes a powerfull Qua... more...

12inch Echocord: Echo035 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Donnacha Costello  - Tragedy of Commons

Donnacha Costello

Tragedy of Commons

Donnacha Costello returns with another release for his new label and platform, Look Long. Some versatile track of Dannacha... all quality stuff rangin... more...

12inch Look Long: LNG002 € 8,99

Orlando Voorn ft Obama - Yes We Can
12inch Nightvision: NV017.5 € 8,49

Tiger Stripes - Safari ep

Tiger Stripes

Safari ep

Smooth uptempo house tracks with a techno-ish edge from the talented Tiger stripes. Somewhere inbetween Ame and Ibadan production.

12inch Nite Grooves: KSG280 € 4,99

Kevin Bogaard - Fossils

Kevin Bogaard


Great house work out. Original mix is a nice dreamy mix with tight percussion and floating synths and friendly melodies. The real bonus here is the re... more...

12inch Kostbar: Kostbar010 € 4,99

Various artists - 24h

Various artists


Some serious modern techno house tracks here on this new label! Could be compared to the Cadenza stuff... but maybe with a bit more bite! tracks by Br... more...

12inch Contentismissing: CIM004 € 8,99

Kevin Over - Creep ep

Kevin Over

Creep ep

If there's one lesson we have learned from 2008, it’s that techno is not nearly creepy enough. On Creep EP, Germany’s Kevin Over injects pitch-black d... more...

12inch Fortek: FT026 € 7,99

Dj Jus Ed & Levon Vincent - Minimal Soul part 2

Dj Jus Ed & Levon Vincent

Minimal Soul part 2

Two of the new names of the NY / NJ house scene doing a nice collaboration. Levon Vincent & Jus Ed are kicking some ass with this record!!

12inch Underground Quality: UQ016.2 € 9,49

Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyn remix)


Acid Bells (Martyn remix)

Great remixes by Martyn. Could be his best remix sofar! Nice job that comes in two versions that go somewhere between dubstep, broken beat and techno!... more...

10inch Curle: Curlem002.5 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jason Fine - Kontra Musik Mixes (A Made Up Sound & Heinrich Mueller)

Jason Fine

Kontra Musik Mixes (A Made Up Sound & Heinrich Mueller)

First out is A Made Up Sound aka 2562 with a remix of the track Puttinʹ It Out. In the hands of A Made Up Sound, the original is turned into a ja... more...

10inch Kontra Musik: KM010-6 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L