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Oliver Kapp - Mandancer ep

Oliver Kapp

Mandancer ep

Minimal Detroit techno tracks (NSC press).. Great!

12inch Indulge: ME05 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Raiders of the Lost ARP - Funk 005

Raiders of the Lost ARP

Funk 005

Cool house track with melangolic strings and a warm groove.. 2 other mixes on the flip.. Metro Area style.. Tip!!

12inch Pigna: Pigna003 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Daan - Sunchild



Cool vocal remix by our man DEXTER.., Mascotte rmx + original on the flip..

12inch Tracks: Tracks012 € 7,99

Steve Azzara - In For Deep

Steve Azzara

In For Deep

First release by mysterious producer Steve Azzara... Already a tech classic.

12inch Fortek: FT006 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mat 101 - Arcade Funk (remixes)

Mat 101

Arcade Funk (remixes)

Arcade like electro track with a great Adult remix and another greta remix by D'arcangelo and the original. I feel like I'm 15 again and behind my Com... more...

12inch Nature: NAT2116 € 6,99

Rhythm & Sound - Roll Off

Rhythm & Sound

Roll Off

From the legendary Rhythm & Sound label. Deep slow minimalist dub/electronica

12inch Rhythm & Sound: RS03(22704) € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Popshop - The Distance Between Us


The Distance Between Us

Special limited mini-lp featuring Detroit techno-pop songs (blue coloured vinyl).

12inch Raygun: Raygun 016 € 4,99

Futago Technologies - Tokyo Tech-Funk Tribe EP

Futago Technologies

Tokyo Tech-Funk Tribe EP

Not for the faint of heart, this is dancefloor techno at it's best, with clattering beats and analog basslines laying down the groundwork, while synth... more...

12inch Teknotika: GG038 € 11,99

Ross 154 - Until my Heart Stops / Kaoz

Ross 154

Until my Heart Stops / Kaoz

Repress of one the most beautiful Dutch house records ever. ''The second release on the M>O>S record label could have been part of Hollands rich t... more...

12inch M>O>S: MOS002re € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Trouble funk - Trouble funk express

Trouble funk

Trouble funk express

Great early electro/hip hop classic, remake of kraftwerk classic(before afrika bambataa), Serious record!!

12inch D.E.T.T.: D.E.T.T. € 18,15

Vainqueur - Lyot



From the legendary M series. An ultimate dancefloor killer. Including a Maurizio remix. Must have!

12inch Maurizio: MAU002(00002) € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Djtal vs Tiefschwarz - Digital World

Djtal vs Tiefschwarz

Digital World

On this third 12'' in the Art Of Disco series, we see Shazz's most electronic side as Djtal, complete with a mad funk-punk-disco mix byTiefschwarz.

12inch Yellow Productions: Yellow Productions 173 € 7,99

Dex, S2 and Ray 7 - The Minority EP

Dex, S2 and Ray 7

The Minority EP

Showcase of Detroit techno to more hi-tech funk grooves on this 3 tracker.. All good!

12inch Tunnel 7: Tunnel 7 002 € 10,99

Sir Alice - 1

Sir Alice


Produced by Marc Collin (the man behind trailblazing musical ventures Ollano, Suburbia and Volga Select.). The result? A serious, enthralling case of... more...

12inch Tigersushi: Tigersushi 012 € 4,99

V/A - New Days ep


New Days ep

The third vinyl outing on SUD, a mini compilation, titled '' New Days '' evokes a very romantic ideal.. Productions from Portable, Akiko, Milos and Lu... more...

12inch SUD: SUD003 € 5,50

V/A - Monobox RMX vol.4


Monobox RMX vol.4

4th remix session with Ben Nevile, Sety, Noze and the original Monobox version of ''Renumber''

12inch Logistic: Logistic 040 € 9,00

Swag - Ear Candy ep


Ear Candy ep

Nice effective tech-house ep.. 4 tracks.. 4 different styles.. Tip..

12inch Version: Version 09 € 4,99

Gayle San - Backbone ep

Gayle San

Backbone ep

Hard driving minimal & upbuilding techno tracks.

12inch Black nation: Black Nation 400 € 7,99

Vice - Playerhater E.P. Volume 2


Playerhater E.P. Volume 2

More dirty banging Kalamazoo techno tracks! From 1997.

12inch Black nation: Black Nation 230 € 8,99

Pigna People - Let 'em Talk

Pigna People

Let 'em Talk

First Pigna album produced by Pigna's Marco Passarani, Francesco De Bellis and Mario Pierro... Stronge and effective tracks for the floor with hints t... more...

2x12inch Pigna: Pigna010LP € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Duplex - Late Night Driving


Late Night Driving

The long awaited debut album of Duplex. Produced in the suburbs of Rotterdam, Duplex are suppliers of deep inner city techno of the highest quality. 1... more...

CD Clone: C#cd06/Clone € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Oasis - Oasis Collaborating #2


Oasis Collaborating #2

Another LP packed with detroit deephouse goodness by Omar S and his. Tracklisting: A1 Oasis - Fifteen, A2 Oasis - Twenty Two, B1 Oasis - Nineteen, B2... more...

2LP Fxhe: FXHE-OAS2200LP € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Francisco - Ultimo



Big track from the ''Music Business'' album. This one makes them move their butts big time. Slowly building tracks which explodes when the bass comes... more...

12inch Nature: NAT2132 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Yah Remixes #4 (Carl Craig, Basic Channel)

Rhythm & Sound

See Mi Yah Remixes #4 (Carl Craig, Basic Channel)

This is the 4th 12'' Maxi on Burial Mix featuring remixes by Carl Craig and Basic Reshape!!!

12inch Burial Mix: BMX004(51172) € 10,99

V/A - Background Records 050


Background Records 050

50th anniversary release of this German minimal electronics labels being of one the major forces introducing minimal techno to the world. Featuring th... more...

2LP Background: Background 050 € 16,99

The Bottom Feeders - Kaiser Blade

The Bottom Feeders

Kaiser Blade

Pumpin detroit techno for the club. White label promo copy with infosticker. Mint

12inch KMS: KMS069 € 9,99

V/A - Indulge Five


Indulge Five

Quality techno compilation featuring Fabrice Lig, Oliver Kapp, Frame Six, Hakan Lidbo, Sounders Department, Bug Orchestra and others.

CD Indulge: Indulge Records INCD001 € 7,99

Surgeon - Waiting For Me


Waiting For Me

Pounding Techno tracks by English Surgeon!

12inch Counterbalance: CBX003 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Arne Michel - Halbzeit

Arne Michel


Funky minimal stuff with an excellent Alex Smoke remix.

12inch Lan: Lan Muzic Lan004 € 4,99

John Beltran - Nolita / Sunburn

John Beltran

Nolita / Sunburn

Another piece of classic music from John Beltran. Nolita and Sunburn are both stunning tracks from one of his first records. Finished copies on white... more...

12inch Millions Of Moments: MOM002 € 10,99

Technasia & John Thomas - The Steppin Show Vol.1 : Blunt

Technasia & John Thomas

The Steppin Show Vol.1 : Blunt

Nice blunted techno - Technasia style.

12inch The Steppin Show: The Steppin' Show Step01 € 4,99

Midnight Operator - Midnight Operator, Return Zombies Remix

Midnight Operator

Midnight Operator, Return Zombies Remix

The special Wagon Repair sound! Clean crispy techno tracks with nice deep and raw basslines (d&b style). Nice forward thinking tracks who sound like t... more...

12inch Wagon Repair: Wag021 € 3,99

Markus Lange - Ruhestorung Plattenbau (Oxia remix)

Markus Lange

Ruhestorung Plattenbau (Oxia remix)

The eleventh release from Tomcraft's ever reliable Craft imprint comes courtesy of German veteran producer Markus Lange. 'Ruhestorung Plattenbau' is f... more...

12inch Craft Music: Craft Music 011 € 4,99

Kenny Hawkes & David Parr - Gemini (Mr G remix)

Kenny Hawkes & David Parr

Gemini (Mr G remix)

Radio Slave's Rekid imprint returns with another big session, with Toby Tobias and Mr G on remix duties. The original track is a slightly carnivalesqu... more...

12inch REKIDS: Rekids015 € 9,99

Alter Ego - Why Not?!

Alter Ego

Why Not?!

One sided limited release by Alter Ego. Raving techno tracks... sounds like Benny Benassi... making a soundtrack for an Atari computer game?!

One sided 12 Klang: Klang123ltd € 4,99

Luke Hess and A.O.S. - LH-FX#1

Luke Hess and A.O.S.


Luke Hess and Omar S. go way deep in Basic Channel modus.. The raw Omar S. signature is still present but the chords and echo's give it that much love... more...

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-LHFX#1 € 11,99

Serafin - Vallemaggia Tool


Vallemaggia Tool

Nice release on this new Mountain People imprint with solid bass driven tracks that go somewhere between minimal Detroit house and techno. Already ge... more...

12inch Mountain People: Mountain002 € 8,49

Luciano Pizzella - Space Duster Tape

Luciano Pizzella

Space Duster Tape

Luciano made noise with his acclaimed Public House EP for the hot tech label Italic. His productions are playlisted by the likes of John Digweed, Sven... more...

12inch Fortek: FT017 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pole - Steingarten Remixes Vol.4
12inch ~scape: Scape051 € 8,99

Der Zyklus - Cherenkov Radiation

Der Zyklus

Cherenkov Radiation

Frustrated Funk is the chosen medium to release the next phase in Dataphysix's research and experimentation of electromagnetic radiation. 4 takes of e... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR016 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Gladio - Hadrians Wall EP


Hadrians Wall EP

Danny Wolfers Gladio project is back with five new Roman smack jams straight out of Segedunum. Think Tim Harper in a toga. Caligula in the bathhouse w... more...

12inch Mighty Robot Recordings: MRR006 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nico Purman - Romantique

Nico Purman


Argentina's Nico Purman with his first release for the Japanese Mule Electronic imprint. Organic minimal sounds with a bit of latin flavour. Also incl... more...

12inch Mule Electronic: Mulec039 € 8,49

Upperground Orchestra - Solaris Eremit

Upperground Orchestra

Solaris Eremit

Sweet new 12'' on the consistent Morphine imprint.. spaced out deepness from Venitian band, Upperground Orchestra. Comes with a superb edit from Ra.H.... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser005 € 11,99

Marco Passarani - Statostasi

Marco Passarani


The new Pigna season starts with the return of Marco Passarani. Marco is the man behind the Finalfrontier collective and his own Nature label, and it... more...

12inch Pigna: Pigna011 € 5,99

Koi - Deaf Torero


Deaf Torero

Deep spaced out Dub Techno. Excellent tracks for fans of the Deepchord, Echospace, Soultek sound! A. Deaf Torero B. Deaf. Limited Blue vinyl with Oran... more...

12inch Styrax Leaves: STRXL013 € 8,49

Peaches & Cream / Ski - Freaks / Paper Chasing

Peaches & Cream / Ski

Freaks / Paper Chasing

Very rare 1989 Detroit techno/electro produced by Eddie Fowlkes & Juan Atkins. Sweet! Near mint condition, played once or twice.

12inch Silo: Silo 001 € 34,99

Art Bleek - Exposed

Art Bleek


We welcome Art Bleek on klakson! this paris based producer/musician already released some nice quality house music on labels like connaisseur recordin... more...

12inch Klakson: Klakson018 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Stefan Tretau - Quick & Dirty ep

Stefan Tretau

Quick & Dirty ep

Official release of this tech-banger pur sang! Young German producer Stefan always hit the right spot. Quick & Dirty is a dirty track indeed. A fat ba... more...

12inch Fortek: FT020 € 7,99

Don Williams - Detroit Red ep

Don Williams

Detroit Red ep

One-sided release (we're sorry abut that.. don't know why thats so hot at the moment with the label owners...) from Don Williams with strong forward g... more...

12inch Artless: Artless2202 (55700) € 10,99