Artist: Âme - All

Gilgamesh - Trescore
12inch Fragile: Frg008 remind

James White - Ellis Island

James White

Ellis Island

minimal dark electro tunes.. on clear vinyl… more...

12inch Creme: Crec04 remind

Novamen - We Love


We Love

The Hague original electro/hiphop gangsters are back with an awesome 4 track release.. You know the deal.. They love the 808, SP12 and vocoder vox..

12inch Viewlexx: V011 remind

Parliament - Mothership Connection


Mothership Connection

Classic funk LP by George Clinton, Bootsie Collins, Bernie Worrell, Fred Wesly and many more. Must have!!

LP Casablanca: Casablanca remind

Parliament - Funkentelechy



Classic funk LP by George Clinton, Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Berny Worrell and many more. Must have!!!

LP Casablanca: Casablanca 824-501-1 M-1 remind

James Ruskin - Circuit

James Ruskin


Haunting minimal techno track from the undertow on this doublepack.. Very Mills like quality stuff!!

2x12inch Blueprint: Blueprint 023 remind

James Cotton - Buck!

James Cotton


Funky pumping minimal techno tracks + a Reinhard Voigt remix..

12inch Spectral: SPC09 remind

Africans With Mainframes - Save The Robots ep

Africans With Mainframes

Save The Robots ep

Pure Chicago oldschool tech/deephouse tracks with some noisy vocoder vocals by Jamal Moss & Noleian Reusse. Strong and freaky!

12inch Mathematics: Math005 remind

Ame - Hydrolic Dog / Sarari


Hydrolic Dog / Sarari

''Hydrolic Dog / Sarari'' is their first solo 12 inch. If you like good arranged, deep and groovy House music, then we would like to invite you for a... more...

12inch Sonar Kollektiv: Sonar Kollektiv 002ep remind

Electra / A Number Of Names - Feels Good (dub mix) / Sharevari (instrumental mix)

Electra / A Number Of Names

Feels Good (dub mix) / Sharevari (instrumental mix)

Electra's ''Feel Good'' is a good example of proto house, stripped down to the beat and the bassline. A Number Of Names ''Sharivari'' is one of the fi... more...

12inch Ballroom: Ballroom 008 remind

Pametex - (no title)


(no title)

Minimalistic electro 2 tracker by Melvin White.. Previous released on the Clone Cx (not on the official C# 8)..

12inch Bunker: B3024 remind

Bob James - Mardi Gras / Nautilus

Bob James

Mardi Gras / Nautilus

Absolute fusion classic. Mardi Gras was used by Grand Master Flash and Nautilus was used by Run DMC, to name a few.

12inch Alpha Omega: AO9504 remind

A Number of Names - Shari Vari (remixes)

A Number of Names

Shari Vari (remixes)

NOT EVEN THE ORIGINAL!!!!!! But a good press of the Ectomorph version…

12inch Gigolo: Gigolo 88 remind

Number of Names - Shari Vari (Remixes)

Number of Names

Shari Vari (Remixes)

Brilliant techno/electro classic rmxd by : Adult., Perspects, Sean Deason, Ectomorph (Great mix!!), Scan 7, Mike Grant, Strand, Kieth Tucker a.o.

2x12inch Puzzlebox: Pbx006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

James Ruskin - Correction Centre

James Ruskin

Correction Centre

Straight forward banging techno tracks...

12inch Blueprint: Blueprint 018 remind

Frame Six - Dante EP

Frame Six

Dante EP

4 driven techno tracks with that minimal Detroit funk feel..

12inch Grammar: Gram007 € 8,99

Novamen - Murdercapital Mentality


Murdercapital Mentality

Rocking oldskool electro / miamibass tracks by DJ Overdose and Mr. Pauli.

12inch Murdercapital: Murdercapital 007 remind

Frame six - Dicebar ep

Frame six

Dicebar ep

4 Groovy floor killing minimal techno tracks by dj Tim (Grammar).

12inch Indulge: Indulge 009 remind

Polytron/Vuva feat. Gameboy - Jack/M.J.

Polytron/Vuva feat. Gameboy


Rocking oldskool 808 electro 2 tracker from Helsinki. Bit Op:l Bastards like... (7")

12inch Kostamus: Kostamus 004 remind

Dr. Switch and Mr. Portamento - ProSkool

Dr. Switch and Mr. Portamento


Limited 4 track ep from Studio X (Cosmic Force). Dark analogue electro tracks in the vein of Drexciya. This stuff rocks!!!

12inch Marguerita: Mar039 remind

James Ruskin - Point 2

James Ruskin

Point 2

Double album with minimal modern looped techno.

12inch Tresor: Tresor145 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Novamen - The Hague City


The Hague City

Funky oldschool electro minialbum by DJ Overdose and homies. The follow up on their ''Try to be a novamen'' ep on Murdercapital records. Tip!! A 2010... more...

12inch Bunker: B3009 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dr Switch & Mr Portamento - ep

Dr Switch & Mr Portamento


Limited white label release. Deep dark electro to more sinister uptempo electro. Perfect soundtrack for a drive through a cold dark city. (Last copies... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx003 remind

Frame six - Spellbound ep

Frame six

Spellbound ep

Rotterdams dj T!M with a very strong 4 track release on Oliver Kapp's Indulge sub.. Must have for all techno jocks!!

12inch Raygun: Raygun 003 remind

Frame six - Roman EP

Frame six

Roman EP

Again a very strong release from Dj T!M on his own label. 4 tracks of floorfilling minimal techno. Must have for all techno jocks!!

12inch Grammar: Gram004 remind

Novamen - Try To Be A Novaman


Try To Be A Novaman

4 track ep with some nice new style electro with a lot of old school influences and killer vocals on 'Not the man..'!!

12inch Murdercapital: Murdercapital 003 remind

James Ruskin - Further design

James Ruskin

Further design

Funky minimal driving techno, great album for the Blueprint posse

12inch Blueprint lp: Blueprint lp remind

Pametex - Car Demolition


Car Demolition

Melvin White's first solo record after rolling the dice with I-F, great minimal Detroit influenced electro tracks,TIP!

12inch Clone: C#08/pmtx01 remind

Frame six - Friction

Frame six


Another new techno slammer by the Frame six, Warm minimal uptempo techno with rolling basslines

12inch Grammar: Gram003 remind

Frame six - Mirror ep

Frame six

Mirror ep

Very strong techno release from dj T!M on this Detroit/German label, minimal funky techno, three steps ahead of the average techno record!

12inch Indulge: Indulge 006 remind