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18-07-2020 - saturday

De Ambassade - Standhouden

De Ambassade


On this third, consecutive 7'' for Knekelhuis they showcase a slightly darker side, undoubtedly influenced by these current viral times. Still, shadow... more...

7inch Knekelhuis: KH030 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

12-09-2019 - thursday

De Ambassade - Duistre Kamers

De Ambassade

Duistre Kamers

Something was brooding in the furthest outskirts of Amsterdam. The isolated concrete suburbs of the western part of the city constituted the ideal dwe... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH025 remind

28-08-2017 - monday

De Ambassade - Verloren

De Ambassade


*** 1 copy per customer *** ‘Verloren’ is like a late night pink Dutch sky after a long day of heavy rain, a sign that a warm summer’s day is just ahe... more...

7inch Knekelhuis: KH010 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

22-01-2016 - friday

De Ambassade - Wat Voel Je Nou (Blue Press)

De Ambassade

Wat Voel Je Nou (Blue Press)

In the grayness by concrete of the Amsterdam suburbs we find Pascal Pinkert (Dollkraut) working on his darker wave salvation, going by the moniker of... more...

7inch Knekelhuis: KH003 remind