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Fred Giannelli - The kinky scientist

Fred Giannelli

The kinky scientist

Wicked stuff!! One ambient styled and two great minimal techno funk tracks.

12inch Telepathic Recordings: PSI031 remind

Fred Giannelli - Telepathica ep

Fred Giannelli

Telepathica ep

Three sublime dramatic techno tracks!! ''Distant Gratification'' is a moody techno piece which reminds of Mr.Mills, ''Delirious'' is a sophisticated f... more...

12inch Dust Science Recordings: Dust Science Recordings DUSTV003 remind

Fred Giannelli - The Fred Giannelli Organization

Fred Giannelli

The Fred Giannelli Organization

Original copies found from this experimental and advanted analogie techno release by Psychic TV's Fred Giannelli.

12inch Telepathic Recordings: PSI022 remind

Fred Giannelli - Sorcery

Fred Giannelli


Nice acidic techno tracks by Fred Gianelli that still work well today!

12inch Telepathic Recordings: PSI015 remind

Fred Giannelli - Salacious / Eloquence

Fred Giannelli

Salacious / Eloquence

Sealed copy! Another deep trip by Fred Gianelli on his own label.

12inch Telepathic Recordings: PSI007 remind

Fred Giannelli - Telepathic Romance

Fred Giannelli

Telepathic Romance

Some deep ambient excursions from Fred Giannelli on the Finnish Sähko label. Fred Giannelli is also known from his productions with Richie Hawtin on P... more...

CD Sahko: Sahko 011 (2004) € 21,99