Artist: Grad_u - All

Grad_U - Archive 001


Archive 001

Label boss grad_u is kicking off the new Greyscale Archive Series with five-tracker ''Archive 01''. All tracks were recorded between 2009-2010 and ori... more...

12inch Greyscale: GREYARCHIVE001 € 11,49

Grad_U - Dream Observer


Dream Observer

Mid June will see the launch of Echocord sub-label Echo Echo with the ‘Dream Observer’ EP from Grad_u. Copenhagen’s Echocord is a Dub Techno imprint w... more...

12inch Echo Echo: Echo001 remind

Grad_U - Redscale 01


Redscale 01

Vinyl Onyl. Long dusty dub techno with more than 10 min playtime per side. Music speaks for itself. Red-black marbled vinyl. Shrink wrapped. Don't sle... more...

12inch Redscale: RDSCL01 remind

Grad_U - Redscale 02


Redscale 02

Deep dubby techno tracks by Grad_U with the second release on the Redscale label. Small edition. Comes on Red Marbled vinyl.

12inch Redscale: RDSCL02 remind

Grad_U - Redscale 03


Redscale 03

The third in the series of deep duscty and swampy electronix post Basic Chanel.

12inch Redscale: RDSCL03 € 10,99

Grad_U - Redscale 04


Redscale 04

Nice classic dubby techno tracks on the Redscale series. Red-black marbled vinyl. Shrink wrapped.

12inch Redscale: RDSCL04 remind

Grad_U - Redscale 05


Redscale 05

Deep trippy dub techno tracks on the Redscale label. Vinyl only.

12inch Redscale: RDSCL05 remind

Grad_U - Redscale 07


Redscale 07

Dubby techno tracks on the Redscale label!

12inch Redscale: RDSCL07 € 10,99

Grad_U - Redscale 08


Redscale 08

It is extremely difficult to detect an 'Extrasolar Moon' and this analog dub techno cut has been proved to be as close to the free-floating planet as... more...

12inch Redscale: RDSCL08 remind

Grad_U - Redscale06



Handsome dubby techno tracks rooted in the Basic Channel school.

12inch Redscale: RDSCL06 remind

Grad_U - Space Explorations


Space Explorations

3 powerful dub-techno tracks perfect for the dancefloor.

12inch Echocord: Echo065 remind

Grad_u - Surface Variations II


Surface Variations II

Greyscale gains momentum with its second vinyl chapter. Two bass-heavy cuts by grad_u with amazing remix by Resoe, beautiful black 180gr. vinyl.

12inch Redscale: Greyscale02b € 12,49
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