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Lamusa II - Club Mondo 2000

Lamusa II

Club Mondo 2000

Italian producer Lamusa II is a master of atmospheric, synthesized concoctions that often sound like they’re being transmitted straight from a time ma... more...

12inch Gravity Graffiti: Gra004 remind

Lamusa II - Vago Libero

Lamusa II

Vago Libero

Excellent library LP by Italian talent Lamusa II, a year after his debut EP ''Club Mondo 2000''. 8 avantgarde tracks in early-electronic explorer mode... more...

LP Gravity Graffiti: Gra009 € 19,99

Lamusa II - Sulfureo

Lamusa II


When Giampaolo Scapigliati was a kid he liked to explore the hidden abandoned places in the outskirts of his hometown, Viterbo. Especially those natur... more...

Mini-LP Hivern Discs: HVNX-800 € 13,99