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Jean-Michel Jarre

Les Granges Brulees (OST)

The first LP reissue of ''Les Granges Brulees'', original soundtrack written and performed by Jean-Michel Jarre shortly after his work experience at G... more...

LP Transversales Disques: TRS28 remind

Gaoule Mizik & Michel Laurent

Excursions in Gwoka Vol. 1

‘A Ka Titine’ has long been a staple at Beauty & the Beat parties, a dancers’ favourite and one of those truly special records which have become part... more...

12inch Beauty & the Beat: BATB 005 remind

Michel Banabila

Wah-Wah Whispers

Ever since he released his music in the early '80s, Michel Banabila has been hard to pinpoint to a specific genre or style. His musical output include... more...

LP Bureau B: BB363 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Michel Banabila

Echo Transformations

Michel Banabila is an indispensable part of the Dutch experimental music scene, where he has acquired a special place with many, in the 40 years that... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH042 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Michel Legrand

La Piscine OST + Un Homme Est Mort

Michel Legrand's cult soundtrack for ''La Piscine'' (1969) including the super rare 7'' for ''Un Homme Est Mort'' (1972). more...

LP + 7inch Wewantsounds: WWSLP4851 € 34,99

Michel de Hey

Let It Go Box

Box with 4 releases coming from Michel de Hey. Originally released as Unknown Artist. Including remixes from Steve Rachmad, ROD and Windows. more...

4x12inch In The Future: ITF06 € 29,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Michel de Hey

LP Sampler

3 tracks from the ''Let it go '' album from Michel de Hey. Soulful techno and house tracks influenced by Michel his 90''s musical Rotterdam roots.

12inch In The Future: ITF05 € 9,99

Bernard Baschet, Michel Deneuve, Alain Dumont

4 Espaces Sonores

Rare 1979 recording of Bernard Baschet performing on his Sound Sculptures. The Baschet brothers are known worldwide as creators of Sound Sculptures, f... more...

2LP Transversales Disques: TRS004 € 15,99

Michel Banabila

Early Works / Things Popping Up From The Past

Michel Banabila, born 1961, is a sound artist, composer, and producer. Banabila releases music since 1983 and has produced musical scores for numerous... more...

2LP Bureau B: BB227 € 16,99

Michel Banabila

Sound Years

Meditative electro-acoustic tracks to dream away to. Both sides have the tracks jointed for uninterrupted listening. Comes on transparant vinyl.

LP Tapu Records: TR020 € 12,49

Orchester Michel Dupont, Gerhard Heinz

Jess Francos Bloody Moon

Interesting facts about the recent Bloody Moon soundtrack: The 2015 Bloody Moon O.S.T. 3LP edition reached over 10000 € production costs including mas... more...

3LP Directors Cut: DC 88003 € 49,99

Michel Redolfi

Pacific Tubular Waves / Immersion

A singular figure of the electroacoustic landscape, Michel Redolfi, a longtime friend of the GRM, has constantly been experimenting with the listening... more...

LP Recollection GRM: REGRM014 remind

Banabila Erker Machinefabriek Zenial

Banabila Erker Machinefabriek Zenial

140 gram vinyl. Handnumbered limited edition of 250. Comes in a full colour matte sleeve. Artwork with kite aerial photography by Gerco de Ruijter. more...

12inch Tapu Records: TRBOP16 remind

Michel Magne

Musique Tachiste

One of the very earliest full-length French concept albums - part radical manifesto, part pantomime. This anti-intellectual 'physical' reaction to the... more...

LP Cacophonic: 1CACKLP € 14,99

Jordan Fields / Jean-Michel Jackson

Collector's Dream Package

The ''Collector's Dream Package'' brings Chicago producer Jordan Fields and French artist Jean-Michel Jackson together on this split EP. The A-side re... more...

12inch Various US re-edits: V6 remind

Jean Michel Basquiat

Downtown 81

Film that was shot in 1980-1981, a rare real-life snapshot of ultra-hip subculture of post-punk era manhattan starring renowned artist jean-michel bas... more...

LP Virgin: NA032 remind

12inch EC records: EC097 remind

Michel de Hey

Curly Wurly (remixes)

Remixes by Jeff Moore, Jamie Lie A Kwie of this Michel classic!

12inch HEY! records: HEY remind