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Anton Zap - Captain Storm

Anton Zap

Captain Storm

4 Excellent cuts of deep Detroit house, by one of themore talend guys on the UQ label. Coloured vinyl.

12inch Underground Quality: UQ018 remind

Anton Zap - Pepper Exchange

Anton Zap

Pepper Exchange

Moscow's finest Anton Zap doing the show with 3 tracks of uncompromising deep yet kickin techno house music.

12inch Quintessentials: Quint001 remind

Anton Zap - Pepper Exchange vol. 2

Anton Zap

Pepper Exchange vol. 2

Anton Zap is back with more spicey house music. Moscow's finest offers 4 warehouse esque deep house groovers and proves that without a shadow of a dou... more...

12inch Quintessentials: Quint005 remind

Anton Zap - Outside ep

Anton Zap

Outside ep

Deep atmospheric house tracks with a Detroit feel to it.

12inch Uzuri: Uzuri007 remind

Anton Zap - Take It As It Comes EP

Anton Zap

Take It As It Comes EP

Anton Zap returns to UQ with a balanced 4 tracks ep. Probably his most mature production so far with tracks that range from deeper detroit techno-ish... more...

12inch Underground Quality: UQ024 remind

Anton Zap - I Get No Kick From Champagne

Anton Zap

I Get No Kick From Champagne

Russian producer Anton Zap on his own imprint Ethereal Sound recordings. ''I Get No Kick From Champagne'' Be sure to check out this party builder! ''A... more...

12inch Ethereal Sound: ES001 remind

Anton Zap - Social Background

Anton Zap

Social Background

Deeper house sounds on this 10inch 2-tracker from Anton Zap.

10inch Ethereal Sound: ES002 remind

Anton Zap - Background series #3

Anton Zap

Background series #3

Another deep house burner by Anton Zap. Warm tracks that roll smoothly and fierce.

10inch Ethereal Sound: ES007 remind

Anton Zap - Background Series #4

Anton Zap

Background Series #4

Another 2-track winner from the king of Russian deep house!

10inch Ethereal Sound: ES018 remind

Anton Zap / Tommy Vicari Jr  - CRTL 003

Anton Zap / Tommy Vicari Jr

CRTL 003

Nice playful melodic and some deeper techno tracks on this split release.

12inch Cartulis Music: CRTL003 remind

Anton Zap - Bapbap EP

Anton Zap

Bapbap EP

Pleasure Zone proudly welcomes Anto Zap to the Family! The Ethereal Sound - founder is also well known for his great productions on Underground Quali... more...

12inch Pleasure Zone: PLZ005LTD remind

Anton Zap  - Water

Anton Zap


Apollo collect rare highlights and new productions from the desk of Moscow's premier deep house producer. Disc 1 is drenched with the luscious 'Water'... more...

2LP Apollo: AMB1311LP remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L