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Good Man Bones ep

Romulo del Castillo and Joshua Kay are Phoenicia and they emerge from their long march into the aural wilderness of Miami with Good Man Bones EP, five... more...

12inch Detroit Underground: Detund015 remind



Phoenecia, the duo who put experimental electronic music on the map in the US with their Soul Oddity releases, their infamous Schematic label, their e... more...

CD Schematic: DUCD02 € 7,99

Phoenecia / Otto Von Schirach

Pick Your Perversion ep

Two of Andrea Parker's favourite artists each deliver a track for her Touchin' Bass imprint. Phoenicia give us a dark and deviant electronic bassnes w... more...

12inch Touchin Bass: Touchin Bass 018 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L



Excellent modern electronica from Miami; dark scapes with abstract beats.

CD Schematic: Schematic 018 cd/lp remind


Odd Job

Miami bass like idm/electro. FLOORBURNER!

12inch Schematic: Schematic 808 remind


Odd job -rmx ep

Killer record with cool mixes by Push Button, Autechre,Richard Devine and Ectomorph vs. Godfather. Modern electronica at it's best.

12inch Schematic: Schematic 8x8 remind