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Link - Link ep


Link ep

the second release in the the Evolution Remastered Series! Next one is the label’s most popular release – EVOO5 ‘Link EP’ by Mark Pritchard. Including... more...

12inch Evolution: Evo005 remind

Gescom - that



More deep electronical tracks by Skam posse,quality stuff as always

12inch Skam: Skam 010(#2) remind

Gescom - This



Part 2 of the Skam10, other rmxs by other various artists

12inch Skam: Skam 010 remind

Autechre - Basscad ep


Basscad ep

US pressing, Ae classic, weird but nice sounds. Futuristic electronica.

12inch Warp/tvt: Warp/tvt remind

Autechre - lp5



Finally in on vinyl, Futuristic electronica, very digital sounding in between d&b and electro, cool.

12inch Warp: Warp066LP remind

Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children

Boards of Canada

Music Has The Right To Children

Released in 1998, the debut LP from Mike and Marcus Sandison is nothing short of iconic: from the lulling Yamaha CS-70 synths of ‘Wildlife Analysis’ t... more...

2LP Warp/Skam: Warp055LP/Skam1LP remind

Arovane - i.o.



Very nice experimental electronical tracks, bit Autechre influenced, great stuff!! TIP!

12inch Din: Din-Arovane 1 remind

Funkstorung - post art


post art

The German Ae...., deep moody electronical music

12inch Chocolate ind.: Chocolate ind. remind

Gescom/Ad vanz - Viral

Gescom/Ad vanz


Gescom(Ae) with a cooperation wich leads to abstract rhytms and beautyfull soundscapes (limited to 1500!!)

12inch Fatcat: Fatcat 9 remind

Michael Fakesh - Demon3

Michael Fakesh


Part 3 of this solo project by half of Funkstorung,really good atmospheric ,moody record with experimental/loose rythms and surprising breaks, TIP!!!

12inch Musik aus strom: Musik aus strom 09 remind

Musik aus strom - .

Musik aus strom


2nd record by Funkstorung ,cool funky experimental tracks very Lo-Fi

12inch Acid planet: Acid planet 12 remind

Push Button Objects - Unauthorized

Push Button Objects


Finally Repressed.. Cool abstrakt funk tracks + Gescom's Non- Existant!!

12inch Chocolate ind.: Chocolate ind. 003 remind

Richard Coleman - Devine

Richard Coleman


Strange harder distorted beats with dramatic moody melodies

12inch Schematic: Schematic 005 remind

Aphex twin - Classics

Aphex twin


(Ltd classic re-press) Collection of older Aphex Twin work. Harder raw analogue tracks that became standard works over the years!. more...

2LP R&S: RS95035 remind

Terrence Dixon - Bionic man

Terrence Dixon

Bionic man

Minimal funky techno from the Motorcity.

12inch Background: Background 001 remind

E.O.G. / PHAKO - ep1



Very strong debut by 2 new talents from Rotterdam. Expirimental electronics (autechre style).Limited press(150 copies)

12inch Dub: DUB007 remind

Pole - 1



2x12" by Stefan Betke. Basic Channel styled dubby electronics.

12inch Kiff sm: Kiffsm012 remind

Funckarma - Part 1


Part 1

New artist with a great futuristic complex 4 track ep (file under modern electronica) with remix by: Funkstorung.

12inch Dub: DUB006 remind

Squarepusher - Budakhan Mindphone


Budakhan Mindphone

New mini album by Tom Jenkinson.

12inch Warp: Warp062 remind

Autechre - Peel Session


Peel Session

Deep electronical tracks with all the Ae ingredients

12inch Warp: Warp112 remind

Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4

Manuel Gottsching


The original of Sueno latino, 80's avantgarde ''ambient'' ,very hard to find.Must have!!!

12inch Spalax: Spalax remind

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

Aphex Twin


Crazy electronical sh*t, Afx pushing it to the limit (we didn't expect anything else), complex rhythms with crazy vocals samples and nice melodies. Hu... more...

12inch Warp: Warp105 € 17,99

Dynamic Wave -

Dynamic Wave

Hard dark electronics produced by F. Gambino & N. Barbati from the Rome Nature posse..

12inch Nature: Nature 2102 remind

Bogdan Raczinski - Boku Mo Wakaran

Bogdan Raczinski

Boku Mo Wakaran

Important note: These are original vintage deadstock warehouse copies. These items are unplayed, sealed or barely played. Some of them have been store... more...

3x12inch Rephlex: CAT082LP remind

Plaid - Peel Session


Peel Session

Live recordings of the performance at Peel's radio show. Includes the very rare Scoops in Colombia, Usual Plaid quality

12inch Warp: Warp119 remind

Push Button Objects - Ska 011

Push Button Objects

Ska 011

6 trax of electronic funk madness!!

12inch Skam: Skam 011 remind

Fluxion - Largo



Basic Channel style - You know the score... more...

2x12inch Chain reaction: Chain Reaction 24 (26204) remind

Swap -


New talent offcourse with some nice moody modern electronica

12inch Musik aus strom: Musik aus strom 12 remind

Lexaunculpt - Double Densite ep


Double Densite ep

The man from Isophlux with a 6 track ep on a new label from Atwood, CA. (Incl. encoded disc).

12inch Orange: Orange 001 remind

Cim - Service pack


Service pack

Good ep on Delsin by Uk's Cim. warm moody electronical tracks , less techno as we used to get from him

12inch Delsin: 05DSR remind

Gimmik - ?!load-error ep


?!load-error ep

Obscure new label in brown paper bag. Skam style..only 400 copies. TIP!!!!

12inch Toytronic: Toytronic 001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Guineo - Tosstones ep


Tosstones ep

4 tracks of complex beats and strange noises and a remix by Push Button Objects. Very nice one.

12inch Chocolate ind.: Chocolate ind. 013 € 4,99

Autechre - ep7.1



New ep's by these influential boys, some state of the art electronics

12inch Warp: Warp7.1EP remind

Autechre - ep7.2



Part two of the new ep. modern avantgarde electronica

12inch Warp: Warp7.2EP remind

Push button objects - half dozen

Push button objects

half dozen

Edgar Farinas with a 6 track ep of complex experimental afro funk. Nice stuff..

12inch Schematic: Schematic/Chocolate ind. remind

Finalfrontier -


A new label from Italian underground with the finest dark to more moody electronix. Limited of 500 copies. MUST HAVE!!

12inch Finalfrontier: Final Frontier 001 remind

Passarani 2099 - Ancient technology

Passarani 2099

Ancient technology

Marco Passarani with a 4 track ep. Complex rhythms and warm melodies. Bit Blackdog stylea

12inch Nature: Nature 2113 remind

Meat beat manifesto - not playing god

Meat beat manifesto

not playing god

Another nice one for the skamsters, unexpected band on the manchester label. quiet poppy and some rhythmical madness, as always incl nice art work

12inch Skam: Skam 012 remind

Funckarma - part 2


part 2

Second part of the Debut of these 2 dutch brothers. Absolute briljant deep electronica with complex rhythms and the most beautyfull sounds. MUST !!!!!

12inch Dub: DUB010 remind

V/A - Ischemic Folks


Ischemic Folks

Miami label with an exhibition of their great artist who are showing their skills in the Avantgarde elecronical field, only 1000 copies!!

12inch Schematic: Schematic 011lp remind

Funkstorung - Additional productions


Additional productions

Collection of some of their hard to find remixes, incl Bjork,Wu tan, total of 8 tracks to complete your collection!

12inch !K7: !K7 remind

Arovane - Removed



No movement no sound no memories. This is a very good 6 tracker with mixes from Arovane, No.9, Multipara, Pole and Artificial duck flavour.

12inch Lux Nigra: Lux nigra 03 remind

Gescom - Key nell


Key nell

One of the better skams. 4 deep melangolic tracks. In cool bubbleplastic cover..

12inch Skam: Skam 007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pole - 2



2x12" by Stefan Betke. Basic Channel styled dubby electronics.

12inch Kiff sm: Kiffsm014 remind

Autechre - Wap 124 promo


Wap 124 promo

Exclusive limited ep. You now what you must do..

12inch Warp: Warp124 remind

Takeshe Muto - Swollen glance one

Takeshe Muto

Swollen glance one

4 experimental tracks with a bit bass influence.

12inch Schematic: Schematic 008 remind

Ischemic strokes - 1

Ischemic strokes


4 (Miami influenced) experimental tracks..

12inch Schematic: Schematic 007 remind

Hallucinator - Black Angel
12inch Chain reaction: Chain Reaction 28 (27938) remind

Kit Clayton - nek purpalet

Kit Clayton

nek purpalet

Some realy deep sh*t by Mr. Clayton (+ cool cover).

12inch ~scape: ~Scape 001 remind