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09-06-2017 - friday

Various Artists - Bare Tracks Ep

Various Artists

Bare Tracks Ep

Peak time club house tunes by JMX, Steve Friscvo, Hugget and Jus Jam.

12inch 124 Recordings: 124r012 € 5,49

15-02-2013 - friday

Various Artists - Dubble Dubs

Various Artists

Dubble Dubs

Release #003 see’s the introduction of three French producer's, all are based in Paris with a passion and love for the house sounds from Chicago and D... more...

12inch 124 Recordings: 124R003 remind

07-09-2012 - friday

Joey Kay - Toy Piano

Joey Kay

Toy Piano

Toy Piano is the real sound of Chicago House Music,with its bumping,raw groove,made by one of its own,who was there when it all began.On remix duty we... more...

12inch 124 Recordings: 124R001 remind