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02-09-2021 - thursday

Tarotplane - Horizontology



New school kosmiche style guitar and synth studies by Baltimore native and veteran underground music figure Tarotplane (PJ Dorsey). more...

LP 12th Isle: Isle010 € 23,99
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28-07-2021 - wednesday

Lucy Duncombe - Brace / Mend

Lucy Duncombe

Brace / Mend

12th Isle quickly follow on from the double LP 'Athenian Primitivism' by Christos Chondropoulos with two recordings from performance, voice and sound... more...

10inch 12th Isle: Isle009.5 € 17,99

10-05-2021 - monday

Christos Chondropoulos - Athenian Primitivism

Christos Chondropoulos

Athenian Primitivism

ISLE011 is a collection of cassette recordings made in Athens by Christos Chondropoulos over the last five years. Coming from an avant-garde percussio... more...

2x12inch 12th Isle: Isle011 € 27,99
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24-06-2020 - wednesday

Vague Imaginaires  - L'ile Sous l'Eau

Vague Imaginaires

L'ile Sous l'Eau

The Underwater Island is a collection of four tracks from Grenoble based producer Denis Morin. Philosopher, gardener, father and sonic explorer. Our f... more...

12inch 12th Isle: Isle009 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

06-03-2020 - friday

D.K - Live At The Edge


Live At The Edge

Nostalgia-tinged 90s electronica and second room IDM from the legend that is D.K more...

LP 12th Isle: Isle008.5 remind

23-10-2019 - wednesday

27-06-2019 - thursday

Pataphysical - Periphera



While being best known for creating deeply immersive live psychoacoustic experiences, the London based Pataphysical have allowed us to use 'Periphera'... more...

LP 12th Isle: Isle008 remind

27-03-2019 - wednesday

Lo Kindre - Chlorophytum

Lo Kindre


Stunning dub sounds from Glasgow's Lo Kindre Think On U, Jay Glass Dubs, Sotofett, Rhythm & Sound and all that good stuff. more...

12inch 12th Isle: Isle007 remind

22-11-2018 - thursday

Best Available Technology - Enginetics & Plasmalterations

Best Available Technology

Enginetics & Plasmalterations

Tucked away in a shed in Portland, Best Available Technology continues to cultivate an unmistakable sound grown around a seemingly untiring exploratio... more...

LP 12th Isle: Isle006 remind

01-08-2018 - wednesday

XYR - El Dorado EP


El Dorado EP

Experimental cinema sonics, electroacoustic research practice and shadowy wind instruments come together to form this unique interpretation of the myt... more...

12inch 12th Isle: Isle003 remind

25-07-2018 - wednesday

Palta & Ti  - Palta og Ti pa den Tolvte O

Palta & Ti

Palta og Ti pa den Tolvte O

Seemingly drawing from a slightly different well of influence from that seen across their prolific back catalogue, the Aarhus duo – going by the less... more...

12inch 12th Isle: Isle005 € 11,99

11-04-2018 - wednesday

RAMZI - Peze-Piton



The ever enigmatic RAMZi graces 12th Isle with ‘Pèze-Piton’ - a 9 track visitation of the familiarly disjointed melodies and rhythms that make up our... more...

LP 12th Isle: Isle004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

22-07-2016 - friday

Dices + AEM - Rhythm-Cascade

Dices + AEM


Recorded in St. Petersburg over the course of 2015, this first release on Glasgow based imprint 12th Isle is a collaborative effort between Dices & ??... more...

12inch 12th Isle: Isle001 € 16,99