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09-07-2019 - tuesday

04-02-2019 - monday

Various Artists - Second Contact

Various Artists

Second Contact

4 new artists on the rise for this new VA. 3 from Spain and one from Berlin creating the new axis of modern techno. Techno quality without concessions... more...

12inch 30D Records: 30DCE002 remind

29-06-2018 - friday

Arpanet & 30drop - Phases EP

Arpanet & 30drop

Phases EP

Arpanet is back! Two advanced, atmospheric, rhythmic and flawless tracks on the a-side followed by two tracks produced by 30d

12inch 30D Records: 30D006 remind

01-02-2018 - thursday

Terrence Dixon  - Digital Ladder/This Is A Test

Terrence Dixon

Digital Ladder/This Is A Test

The visionary from Detroit, Terrence Dixon, is back to 30D Records with an exquisite pack of vanguard tastefully built on Techno. This fifth chapter o... more...

12inch 30D Records: 30EXO005 remind

24-07-2015 - friday

30drop - Superconductivity Ep


Superconductivity Ep

Modern looped techno tracks on the young spanisch 30 drop label.

12inch 30D Records: 30D003 € 5,49