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25-09-2023 - monday


Resonancia LP

Industrial Music Producer Geistform Releases New Album "Resonancia". Renowned industrial music producer Geistform has released a brand new album titl... more...

LP 30D ExoPlanets: 30DEXOLP-002 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

24-07-2023 - monday


They Want It All EP

To Whom It May Concern: introducing here Yogg's groundbreaking release, a fusion of experimental techno, broken beats, bass and IDM music. Renowned... more...

12inch 30D ExoPlanets: 30DEXO-018 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

06-02-2023 - monday


MagnetFunk EP

Spanish producer Univac returns to 30D Records with his second outing on the leading Spanish techno imprint. This time he appears on the ExoPlanets su... more...

12inch 30D ExoPlanets: 30DEXO-015 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-03-2022 - monday

Terrence Dixon

Other Dimensions LP

'Other Dimensions Lp', Terrence Dixon's latest work and the new adventure in 30D's ExoPlanets sublabel, comes for the very first time released in full... more...

LP 30D ExoPlanets: 30DEXOLP-001 € 18,99

17-01-2022 - monday


Abstraction Trail EP

4th release of 30D ExoPlanets sublabel. ORYX 9 has built a synthetic complex universe, in a 70's Druillet psychedelic Sci-Fi similar vein, mixing up a... more...

12inch 30D ExoPlanets: 30DEXO-004 € 7,99

10-01-2022 - monday


Hydrostatic Equilibrium EP

Arpanet needs no introduction for those who know. Hydrostatic Equilibrium EP is a reissue of the 2 tracks released by 30D Records from the Detroit art... more...

One sided 12 30D ExoPlanets: 30DEXO-011 € 10,99

14-09-2021 - tuesday


Unknown Radio EP

Univac, a side project of Geistform's mastermind Rafa M. Espinosa, presents "Unknown Radio", an electrocharged bomb EP. Four original tracks and a rem... more...

12inch 30D ExoPlanets: 30DEXO-003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

09-07-2019 - tuesday

Terrence Dixon

Vertical Hold EP

The prescient sound of an abstract never-coming future built from the everlasting commitment to the boundless experimentation. The prolific one-of-a-k... more...

12inch 30D ExoPlanets: 30DEXO-006 € 7,99

01-02-2018 - thursday

Terrence Dixon

Digital Ladder EP

The visionary from Detroit, Terrence Dixon, is back to 30D Records with an exquisite pack of vanguard tastefully built on Techno. This fifth chapter o... more...

12inch 30D ExoPlanets: 30DEXO-005 remind