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04-12-2015 - friday

Lucindo - Alien Rebellion


Alien Rebellion

5 tracks of devastating industrial acid techno. more...

12inch 3TH: 3TH007 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

03-07-2015 - friday

Ascion - Public Head


Public Head

Ascion’s new solitary adventure on 3TH records is the five tracks EP ''Public Head''. Imprinted in a folder that is designed by the producer himself,... more...

12inch 3TH: 3TH006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

05-03-2015 - thursday

Ascion & D.Carbone - Substructures

Ascion & D.Carbone


After three years, Ascion and D.Carbone return with ''Substructures'', their most experimental release to date on their label 3TH. The A-side of thi... more...

12inch 3TH: 3TH005 € 9,99

25-11-2013 - monday

D. Carbone Meets Honzo - In a Bipolar Disorder

D. Carbone Meets Honzo

In a Bipolar Disorder

Raw and in your face techno tracks on the third outing of 3TH. D.Carbone introducing his alter ego Honzo on the flip side. Where D.Carbone keeps thing... more...

12inch 3TH: 3TH003 € 5,99

07-10-2013 - monday

Ascion - The Cybernetic Drama


The Cybernetic Drama

New release by 3TH is a strong, dark-tinged techno EP from the label owner Ascion. It starts with the mesmerizing Sci-Fi techno of "The Cybernetic Dra... more...

12inch 3TH: 3TH002 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

22-04-2013 - monday

Various Artists - Solid Roots

Various Artists

Solid Roots

3TH, a new label founded by Ascion, D. Carbone and the newcomer Lucindo, brings its first release featuring aforementioned three and unknown fourth ar... more...

12inch 3TH: 3TH001 remind

Lucindo - Human Invasion


Human Invasion

3TH keep on releasing techno with an eclectic vision, each track has its different shades and rhythmic approaches. Act 83 and 86 are both powerful to... more...

12inch 3TH: 3TH004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L