Label: Acid Avengers - All

08-11-2023 - wednesday

ProOne79 / Fear-E

Acid Avengers 026

On the A-Side, Sardinia-based producer ProOne79, known for bomb tracks he released on labels such as Circus Recordings and Kneaded Pains, delivers two... more...

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR026 € 15,49

28-09-2023 - thursday

Cuften & 14anger

Acid Avengers 025

For the 25th release of the series, we welcome two Tripalium Corp regulars, two brigeheads of the french techno scene, two producers who have both rel... more...

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR025 € 15,49

12-06-2023 - monday

06-10-2022 - thursday

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR023 remind

25-05-2022 - wednesday

19-03-2022 - saturday

02-02-2022 - wednesday

Acidulant / Voiron

Acid Avengers 020

This new Acid Avengers EP is a diagonal trip from South-East to North-West of Europe. Six-tracks EP combining UK rave, melancholic electro, catchy tec... more...

Mini-LP Acid Avengers: AAR020RP € 11,99

03-11-2021 - wednesday

Nite Fleit / False Persona

Acid Avengers 018

This new Acid Avengers EP celebrates the new UK electro scene with two of his most talented ambassadors : London-based producer Nite Fleit, known for... more...

Mini-LP Acid Avengers: AAR018R remind

07-09-2021 - tuesday

Alder / Fasme

Acid Avengers 019

Alder and Fasme are two young producers based in Nantes. Influenced by acid house and braindance, their tracks exude a sweet perfume of loony 303 that... more...

Mini-LP Acid Avengers: AAR019 € 12,99

10-02-2021 - wednesday

Automat / Shcuro

Acid Avengers 017

For that new split EP, we brought together French producer Automat, known for his records on Karat, brokntoys or Minumum Syndicat, and Lisbon-based pr... more...

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR017 € 11,99

15-09-2020 - tuesday

23-07-2020 - thursday

Perseus Traxx / Mantra

Acid Avengers 015

For that 15th Acid Avengers split EP, we welcome two providers of acid music who know each other very well, as they're also associated in the duo Nite... more...

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR015 € 11,99

d_b / D. Carbone

Acid Avengers 009

That acid special split is a kind of Christmas-coming-early for all the bangers. From insane techno to vicious hardcore, five candies for the sunrise... more...

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR009 remind

19-12-2019 - thursday

19-06-2019 - wednesday

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR012 remind

13-05-2019 - monday

Ekman / Society of Silence

Acid Avengers 011

A new split EP for those who like chainsaws, tinnitus, speech therapists and wonky machines. For those who know the smell of sweat on a TB-303. For th... more...

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR011 remind

21-02-2019 - thursday

aaaa , Soul Edifice

Acid Avengers 010

For that new split EP, we welcome two producers who like to surpass the usual frames of electronic music's styles. Melancholic jungle, gloomy electro,... more...

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR010 remind

30-10-2018 - tuesday

Photonz, Posthuman

Acid Avengers 008

The Avengers of that eighth release have made a split EP for the mind and the legs : from 00s electronica to pure techno, from the cooked to the raw,... more...

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR008 remind

01-06-2018 - friday

Drvg Cvltvre, Fallbeil

Acid Avengers 007

From Tillburg to Hamburg, from the brutal techno of Drvg Cvltvre to the distorted synths of Fallbeil, that new Avengers split EP is an acid trip into... more...

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR007 remind

07-06-2017 - wednesday

Dez Williams / Tonotopy

Acid Avengers 004

From groovy basslines to fucked-up hard techno, the 4th Acid Avengers EP is a real punch to the stomach. more...

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR004 remind

16-01-2017 - monday

Roy Of The Ravers / Jerry LaFlim

Acid Avengers 027

That 27th split of the series is dedicated to the homeland of acid music - the United Kingdom. On my right, cult acid producer Roy of the Ravers, with... more...

12inch Acid Avengers: AAR027 remind