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01-03-2018 - thursday

LL321 - Pharmakon EP


Pharmakon EP

LL321 is a prolific music producer. From atmospheric electro tunes, to rough acid techno tunnel, and sometimes through experimental IDM tracks, he alw... more...

12inch Activities Records: ACTREC006 € 11,99

30-06-2017 - friday

03-10-2016 - monday

The Acid Mercenaries - Brave New World To Come

The Acid Mercenaries

Brave New World To Come

New 12 inch from the Acid Mercenaries. Previous releases on the infamous Panzerkreuz from The Haque. 6 track and 5 locked grooves of uncompremised Aci... more...

12inch Activities Records: ACTREC003 remind

Lostsoundbytes - Willi's Adventure


Willi's Adventure

Brussels Based young producer LostSoundBytes develops an haptic music, diving sometimes into cryptic and anxious foggy areas through analog materials... more...

12inch Activities Records: ACTREC004 € 9,99