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26-09-2023 - tuesday

Paolo Mosca

Metaphysics EP

Inspired by the early club sound pushed by the pioneers from his home region Veneto, Paolo Mosca fuses house, trance and ambient - and moves forward.... more...

EP Altered Circuits: ALT008 € 17,49

14-07-2023 - friday

Merchandise Altered Circuits: AltCapOlive € 35,00

Merchandise Altered Circuits: AltCapDenim € 35,00

Altered Circuits

Altered Circuits "Vintage Stone Cap"

Altered Circuits "Vintage Stone Cap" (Beechfield)

Merchandise Altered Circuits: AltCapStone € 35,00

22-05-2023 - monday


Ahora Si EP

Altered Circuits dives deeper in the world of playful and versatile club music with roots in the early 90's! The Ibiza-based artist lets his yearning... more...

EP Altered Circuits: ALT005 € 17,99

03-04-2023 - monday


Heritage Vol. 1

Over the last years a rehabilitation of the New Beat genre has taken place. Short-lived it succumbed under its own immense popularity at the beginning... more...

12inch Altered Circuits: ALT004 € 13,49

26-09-2022 - monday


Powerplay EP

DMX Krew has been turning out electronic music from his analog-laden studio since 1994. He has built a discography nothing short of prolific. He mix... more...

12inch Altered Circuits: ALT003 remind

16-05-2022 - monday


Inner Voices Of A Clown EP

After a 20 year hiatus, Polarius a.k.a Legowelt is back with 5 banging house/techno tracks! more...

12inch Altered Circuits: ALT002 remind

13-09-2021 - monday


Faith Of The Misbelievers EP

New label by Innershades, presenting banging house tracks with a raw edge! more...

12inch Altered Circuits: ALT001 remind


Explorer EP

"bio coming soon"

12inch Altered Circuits: ALT007 remind