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17-06-2019 - monday

Dimi Angelis - ANGLS008

Dimi Angelis


Dimi Angelis' eighth release on his ANGLS label is essentially a tale of four brothers. Four separate tracks, clearly related yet with distinctive qua... more...

12inch Angls: Angls008 € 9,99

31-10-2017 - tuesday

Dimi Angelis - Angls006

Dimi Angelis


New release on Dimi's own Angls label with some solid loopy techno tracks in his welknown style. Functional and effective techno tools.

12inch Angls: Angls006 remind

06-12-2016 - tuesday

20-05-2016 - friday

Dimi Angelis - Angls004
12inch Angls: Angls004 remind

08-01-2016 - friday

Dimi Angelis - Angls 003

Dimi Angelis

Angls 003

3rd release on his own imprint...raw analog techno from Mr Angelis.

12inch Angls: Angls003 remind

09-10-2015 - friday

Dimi Angelis - Angls 002

Dimi Angelis

Angls 002

Proper analog and psychotic techno. Exactly the right to destroy the floor.

12inch Angls: Angls002 remind

10-10-2014 - friday

Dimi Angelis - Angls001

Dimi Angelis


New label by Dimi Angelis with strong solo works by himself. Powerful long intense basement techno tracks that grab your attention.

12inch Angls: Angls001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L