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15-02-2021 - monday

OK EG - Prismatic Spring


Prismatic Spring

To wrap up the label's first year of existence, Animalia continues to shine light on artists exploring Melbourne's deeper side. Prismatic Spring is t... more...

12inch Animalia: ANIMA3 € 9,99

02-06-2020 - tuesday

Various Artists - Animalia One

Various Artists

Animalia One

The inaugural release of Animalia... a label dedicated to exploring the lesser known artists of Melbourne, curated by Kia. The first release comprises... more...

12inch Animalia: ANIMA1 remind

Dolly - Don't Forget the Moonscreen


Don't Forget the Moonscreen

For our newest release, Animalia enters a new and exciting realm, with four fun, teched out, minimal grooves from local producer Dolly. Formerly known... more...

12inch Animalia: ANIMA4 remind