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15-06-2018 - friday

Book Of Life / Knickknak - Verlorene Seelen / Freudlos (M.W. Cuts)

Book Of Life / Knickknak

Verlorene Seelen / Freudlos (M.W. Cuts)

Mick Wills makes magic again with his cuts and transforms two tracks of the past in two superb master pieces. From glorious Italodisco to a hypnotic I... more...

12inch Aspecto Humano: AH004 € 13,99

28-06-2017 - wednesday

Various Artists - Stare

Various Artists


Aspecto Humano return to the vvaa format in their 3rd release with a 4 track sampler. Moderne Recordings label owners, The Revolving Eyes, present a s... more...

12inch Aspecto Humano: AH003 remind

15-02-2017 - wednesday

Anbau - Unkforce



Aspecto Humano presents his second release to date with an Anbau EP, where the couple from Barcelona continues its personal trip through a synthetic u... more...

12inch Aspecto Humano: AH002 remind

17-11-2016 - thursday

Various Artists - Essere

Various Artists


The debut release of Aspecto Humano, label based in Barcelona, is being presented as a sampler composed of five tracks, which clearly shows the label'... more...

12inch Aspecto Humano: AH001 remind