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13-11-2020 - friday

The Abyss Within Us - Life in a Circle

The Abyss Within Us

Life in a Circle

For AI-21, Italian duo The Abyss Within Us enters the fold. The project, consisting of Claudio Porceddu (Claudio PRC) and Stefano Ferrari (menion), co... more...

LP Astral Industries: AI21 remind

10-04-2020 - friday

LF58 - Alterazione



Alterazione presents a critical statement – distinguished by its technical execution and breathtaking artistry. The album itself is a cathedral of sou... more...

2LP Astral Industries: AI19 remind

11-03-2020 - wednesday

The Chi Factory  - Travel in Peace

The Chi Factory

Travel in Peace

J.Derwort (15/07/1952 - 11/02/2019) left all his flutes, old guitars, strange percussion and some weird found objects at the Chi Factory studio. Hanyo... more...

LP Astral Industries: AI18 € 24,99
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17-02-2020 - monday

Multicast Dynamics - Ancient Circuits

Multicast Dynamics

Ancient Circuits

Multicast Dynamics returns with a sixth studio album that marks something of a new chapter. Ancient Circuits is an advancement from previous works on... more...

2LP Astral Industries: AI17 € 29,99

18-10-2019 - friday

Shorelights - Bioluminescence



Written and produced by Shorelights (Rod Modell & Walter Wasacz)

LP Astral Industries: AI16 € 19,99

07-08-2019 - wednesday

J.Derwort  - Bamboo Music


Bamboo Music

“I had the honour of remixing all of the Bamboo tapes that J.Derwort ever recorded. Most of my mixes were approved by the master himself during the la... more...

LP Astral Industries: AI15 € 19,99
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11-07-2019 - thursday

Dots - Dots



Astral Industries reissue Atom Hearts 1994 ambient work 'Dots' on vinyl for the first time. more...

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03-04-2019 - wednesday

Sonmi451 - Nachtmuziek



Belgian artist Bernard Zwijzen, aka Sonmi451, has for over a decade now been quietly making some of the most luscious ambient we’ve heard here at AI-H... more...

LP Astral Industries: AI13 remind

13-02-2019 - wednesday

The Chi Factory - The Mantra Recordings

The Chi Factory

The Mantra Recordings

Dedicated to the life and work of Robert Lax (1915-2000), the American poet who lived on Patmos, Greece, as a self-exiled hermit since the sixties. Ja... more...

2LP Astral Industries: AI12 € 25,99

20-09-2018 - thursday

Heavenly Music Corporation - In A Garden of Eden
LP Astral Industries: AI11 remind

19-07-2018 - thursday

Deepchord - Immersions



Rod Modell returns as Deepchord for his first solo release on Astral Industries since inaugurating the label with his sought-after ‘Lanterns’ EP. Cons... more...

LP Astral Industries: AI10 remind

25-09-2017 - monday

23-03-2017 - thursday

The Chi Factory - The Kallikatsou Recordings

The Chi Factory

The Kallikatsou Recordings

Hanyo van Oosterom lived in the small cave of the Kallikatsou in the early eighties, finding inspiration there for the Chi project (1983-1986). From t... more...

LP Astral Industries: AI07 remind
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03-02-2017 - friday

Heavenly Music Corporation - Lunar Phase

Heavenly Music Corporation

Lunar Phase

The material collated on this third release from Heavenly Music Corporation was composed specifically for St. Giga in Japan, a satellite broadcast rad... more...

LP Astral Industries: AI06 remind

24-08-2016 - wednesday

The Chi Factory - The Bamboo Recordings

The Chi Factory

The Bamboo Recordings

The Bamboo Recordings have been produced and remixed by Hanyo van Oosterom. Original recordings by Jacobus Derwort. Jacobus Derwort: bamboo flutes... more...

LP Astral Industries: AI05 € 21,99

02-03-2016 - wednesday

CHI - The Original Recordings


The Original Recordings

Hanyo van Oosterom about CHI: CHI started in the late punk years in the early eighties. A time of change and mind-blowing albums. We started doing... more...

2LP Astral Industries: AI03 remind

06-08-2015 - thursday

30-05-2014 - friday

Deepchord - Lanterns



2 x 180g Crystal/Red/Blue Vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with hand-drawn artwork & Matte Finish, Vinyl Only and as a Bonus a Poster. Astral Industries... more...

3LP Astral Industries: AI01 remind