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08-05-2019 - wednesday

04-02-2019 - monday

Brawther - Ep



*Repress* Balance crew comes with another strong classic sounding house release by Brawther.

12inch Balance: BL12RE remind

04-12-2017 - monday

Garrett David - The Time

Garrett David

The Time

''As well as steering Stripped & Chewed, Garrett David has been holding down a residency at Chicago's Smart Bar for some time. On a roll following an... more...

12inch Balance: COB008 remind

29-09-2017 - friday

Chez Damier - Forever Mona

Chez Damier

Forever Mona

This the Third Official Authorized Release of this Chez damier (ft Stacey Pullen) Classic, First Appeared on the Classic Ep” and the re-release on Bal... more...

12inch Balance: BL26 remind

01-01-2017 - sunday

Chez Damier - Say The Word 01

Chez Damier

Say The Word 01

Side A offers a brand new track ''Tudor Por Amor'' highlight the perfectness of Damier's roots in house and techno, whilst also doffing a proverbial c... more...

12inch Balance: SWM01 remind

27-05-2016 - friday

29-01-2016 - friday

25 Places - The Tried And True EP

25 Places

The Tried And True EP

The Long awaited new release on Balance Recordings since the successful release of the “Brwather Album” comes a brand new offering from the duo “25 Pl... more...

12inch Balance: BL21 remind

15-06-2015 - monday

26-01-2015 - monday

Brawther - VXVXVX



Fine executed 90's rooted house tracks by Brawther on the legendary Balance label.

12inch Balance: BL016 remind

Ron Trent & Chez Damier - Special Edition 03

Ron Trent & Chez Damier

Special Edition 03

From the executive producer Chez Damier come a Special Edition release marking the 20th Anniversary of Balance and Prescription records. Side A. The M... more...

12inch Balance: SE03 remind

NWS - Next To Real


Next To Real

Balance sub label, Courtesy Of Balance , brings a new producer from Denmark with some classic house tracks rooted in the nineties school of producers... more...

12inch Balance: COB005 remind

Homepark - Untitled



Classy versatile ep on the new Balance sub label. Especially Fly Away (3rd track) is a stunner with its nice moody keys, metalic bassline.

12inch Balance: COB04 remind

Various Artists - I Robots Presents

Various Artists

I Robots Presents

Balance recordings US with some serious heat! Gianluca Pandullo stretches out for some funky Afro -Caribbean inflected house on the A, while Federico... more...

12inch Balance: BRUS06 remind

Brawther - Remixes



Highly sought-after reissue of ''Gsm's Life (MLIU dub)'' & ''Le Voyage (Module Mix)'' from BalanceRecordings 013, and 2 new tracks ''Spaceman Funk (O.... more...

12inch Balance: BL015 remind

Various Artists - Ep 1

Various Artists

Ep 1

Amir Alexander , City 2 City, Immer & Mr J and St Sene on the new Balance Records/Chez Damier off spring ''Courtesy Of Balance'' with some fine house... more...

12inch Balance: COB03 remind

Various Artists - Chez Damier Presents Purpose By Design 1

Various Artists

Chez Damier Presents Purpose By Design 1

Brawtwher, Miruga, Introspective and GMS with a four track ep dropping some hot house tracks on Chez Damier's Balance records, UK division. Classic sm... more...

12inch Balance: BMUK002 remind

Shaka - Blow Your Mind


Blow Your Mind

Ches Damier's Balance Recordings brings this fine 4 track EP from Shaka to the imprint & starts with a jazzy and deeper tracks. Sometime almost got a... more...

12inch Balance: BR02 remind

Chez Damier - Forever Monna / Your Love

Chez Damier

Forever Monna / Your Love

Chez Damier releases this special 12'' on his Balance label. Nouha adds lush vocals to this classic, originally produced by Chez & Stacey Pullen, for... more...

12inch Balance: BR01 remind

Various Artists - Sessions Unplugged

Various Artists

Sessions Unplugged

Lovely 4 track ep with jazz injected house tracks on the Chicago Balance label! Tracks by Urban Crew, Duke & Sill and Mark & Paul (aka Mark Bell). Lus... more...

12inch Balance: BL014 remind

City 2 City - EP

City 2 City


Courtesy Of Balance Recordings , BT03_Balance's last underground imprint that inaugurated last October with Brawther's ''Le Voyage/Chains & Funk'', we... more...

12inch Balance: BT03 remind

Abacus, Chez Damier, Stax - Dance Or Die

Abacus, Chez Damier, Stax

Dance Or Die

Classic Balance/ Prescripion Chicago house tracks with a jazzy feel to it.

12inch Balance: BE2 remind

Jay Robertson - Me Realizo / Like A Jazz Than

Jay Robertson

Me Realizo / Like A Jazz Than

New signing by Chez Damier with traditional soulfull Balance and Prescription kind of house tracks. Warm, grooving and with jazzy keys, make vocals an... more...

12inch Balance: BU03 remind

Mat 101 - Goblin 101

Mat 101

Goblin 101

Great 10'' with a poppy vocal electro/wave track and a cool techno electro track wich is allready a big favorite by many.

12inch Balance: Balance 1 remind