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23-03-2021 - tuesday

Bass Junkie - Sub Sonic Survivor

Bass Junkie

Sub Sonic Survivor

British Electro veteran Bass Junkie returns for his second vinyl outing on Bass Agenda Recordings, this time with a full-length album. As his last rel... more...

2x12inch Bass Agenda: BA109 € 22,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

27-01-2021 - wednesday

Detroit's Filthiest - Deliver Us From Evil

Detroit's Filthiest

Deliver Us From Evil

Detroit's Filthiest returns for his 7th appearance on Bass Agenda Recordings with a new solo EP on vinyl and digital formats. With over 20 years in th... more...

12inch Bass Agenda: BA108 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-12-2020 - tuesday

Various Artists - Transhumanism 4

Various Artists

Transhumanism 4

The 4th in the Transhumanism series is here. These four now well established Dutch producers approach Electro from their own angles, resulting in four... more...

12inch Bass Agenda: BA107 remind

12-09-2019 - thursday

Various Artists - Transhumanism 3

Various Artists

Transhumanism 3

The Transhumanism collective was born on the dance-floor at Dave Clarke's first Whip It party at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. This is the fourth vinyl re... more...

12inch Bass Agenda: BA096 remind

08-03-2019 - friday

18-10-2018 - thursday

Dez Williams - Insulted Intelligence

Dez Williams

Insulted Intelligence

Dez Williams returns to Bass Agenda with a full-length album. A well established and prolific artist and live act, Dez is a master of his craft and 'I... more...

LP Bass Agenda: BA082 € 15,99

13-09-2017 - wednesday

Franck Kartell - Alaska

Franck Kartell


French artist Franck Kartell returns with Alaska, his fourth full length release on UK imprint Bass Agenda Recordings. more...

12inch Bass Agenda: BA060 remind

27-10-2015 - tuesday

Franck Kartell - La Jetee dOrly

Franck Kartell

La Jetee dOrly

The album is a homage to the 1962 Chris Marker short film 'La Jetee', or 'The Jetty' - a film that tells the story of a post-nuclear war experiment in... more...

LP Bass Agenda: BA022 remind

23-07-2014 - wednesday

w1b0 - Main Squeeze Remixes


Main Squeeze Remixes

An electro epic; growling bass line & room filling drums lay foundation for a soaring synth invasion. 4 remixes represent the many shades of the moder... more...

12inch Bass Agenda: BA011 remind