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26-02-2019 - tuesday

Xosar - The Possessor Possesses Nothing


The Possessor Possesses Nothing

In The Possessor Possesses Nothing Xosar tells the story of a tonal mutation. A montage of attractions. A straddled comment on organ systems. This alb... more...

2LP Bedouin Records: BDNLP005 remind

17-09-2018 - monday

Osheyack - Sadomodernism



At the crux of American-born, Shanghai-based producer Eli Osheyack's debut album, Sadomodernism, is a question of agency. Borrowed from film theory, t... more...

LP Bedouin Records: BDNX002 remind

Dez Williams  - Against Your Will

Dez Williams

Against Your Will

Dez Williams returns to Bedouin with a 100 procent solid EP. Against Your Will is a call to a wild dance ceremony. High definition sound waves and a r... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN020 remind
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23-03-2018 - friday

AQXDM - Aegis



Jacking industrial knees-up meets formal idiosyncrasy in this banging collaboration between Deapmash and Aquarian, with massive kicks, quaking breakbe... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN019 remind

Arad - The Glimpse


The Glimpse

Dara Smith from Lakker in brilliant form: six vividly evocative, dramatically uneven soundscapes, ranging tonally from beseeching tenderness to thumpi... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN017 € 13,99
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16-03-2018 - friday

Ekman - Tangent



Ekman returns to Bedouin Records with Tangent, a 4 track episode of grungy club-shaking Electro experiments. Conjuring up images of run down 20XX city... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN018 remind

07-12-2017 - thursday

Tzusing - In A Moment A Thousand Hits


In A Moment A Thousand Hits

Shanghai/Taipei-based producer Tzusing returns with ???? (In a Moment a Thousand Hits), continuing his exploration of the seamier side of life, his m... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN016 remind
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19-06-2017 - monday

J. Tijn - Sliema Sixteen

J. Tijn

Sliema Sixteen

Inspired by life on the touring circuit, this EP takes its name from a night the producer spent in Sliema, Malta. Produced to mirror the frenetic move... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN014 remind

Nene Hatun - Metacommunication

Nene Hatun


Bestie Aydin under the name Nene Hatun: a Turkish Berliner, crossing 'psychedelic-anatolian techno-pop' and 'dark drone wave music'. Field recording... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN015 € 13,99

26-01-2017 - thursday

Pan Daijing - A Satin Sight

Pan Daijing

A Satin Sight

The most intriguing (live) artist that Pan Daijing is strikes on Bedouin!

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN013 € 13,99

30-12-2016 - friday

Ekman - Alchemy



Pounding, distorted electro frighteners — inspired by ancient Islamic mysticism — juggling introspection and rebellion, mesmerism and dancefloor fire. more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN012 remind
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20-09-2016 - tuesday

John Heckle - Tributes To A Sun God

John Heckle

Tributes To A Sun God

Titular props to Jamal Moss — who presented Heckle on Mathematics back in 2010 — backed up with strong Hieroglyphic Being flavours to the tracks Alexa... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN010 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio - The 42 Laws Of Maat

Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio

The 42 Laws Of Maat

Two compositions, scored for trio: Papyrus is excursive and melancholic, with giveaway distorted kicks; the flip is more hard-hitting and propulsive,... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN011 remind

Ryo Murakami - Esto

Ryo Murakami


Eleven, deft, darkly-lit, sometimes despairing soundscapes by the Osaka-based producer, for his third album. 'The thoughts of a rebellious spirit are... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDNLP002 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-11-2015 - monday

Imaginary Forces - Shift Work

Imaginary Forces

Shift Work

Elegies-in-waiting to the monotonous dread of exploitative labour, dosed with elliptical distortion, industrial noise and ear-crushing bass, in the li... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN006 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ekman - Godelian Argument


Godelian Argument

Ace, eagerly-awaited, five-track EP, after drops for Trilogy and Berceuse. Ramped-up, banging and decayed, computer-age and apocalyptic, in fine sign... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN004 remind

Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio - Keep Your Mind Open

Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio

Keep Your Mind Open

Sun Ra meets Drexciya. Murky alchemical compounds of jazzist improvisation and sensuous EBM. Raw, jagged invocations of the really real.

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L