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10-09-2018 - monday

Block Univers  - Block Univers' Belters

Block Univers

Block Univers' Belters

Toronto's Block Univers have cited their influences to include ''boogie, house music, cold wave synths, gospel vocals, 808s and moog basslines'' more...

12inch Belters: BLTRS011 € 9,99
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19-04-2018 - thursday

Naum Gabo  - Naum Gabo Ep

Naum Gabo

Naum Gabo Ep

Naum Gabo - the production partnership of Jonnie Wilkes (JG Wikes of Optimo) and James Savage (Mastering Engineer for Optimo Music) with some heavy w... more...

12inch Belters: BLTRS09 € 10,99

27-03-2018 - tuesday

22-01-2018 - monday

Wheelman  - BLTRS007



Chicago rooted house tracks with a touch of jack from Wheelman from Glasgow! more...

12inch Belters: BLTRS007 € 10,99

18-05-2017 - thursday

06-02-2017 - monday

Hi & Saberhagen  - BLTRS002

Hi & Saberhagen


ambient, melodic techno and beach party ready house on Huntleys + Palmers new label, Belters by Edinburgh-based duo, Hi & Saberhägen. more...

12inch Belters: BLTRS002 remind