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13-11-2023 - monday

Robert Cotter


Strictly limited edition on red vinyl! Worthy re-issue of Robert Cotter's second late 70's soul album. Comprising five songs, with four of them be... more...

LP Best Record: BST-X095 (red vinyl) € 21,99

06-11-2023 - monday

Robert Cotter


Worthy re-issue of Robert Cotter's second late 70's soul album! Comprising five songs, with four of them being quite lengthy and well-structured for t... more...

LP Best Record: BST-X095 (Black vinyl) € 19,99

The Countach

Aqua Marina

Beautiful Balearic house vibes on this Best Record release, a label that is best known for soul-boogie and Italo-disco reissues, but it also comes wit... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X053 € 17,49


One More Round / Walkman (Frankie Knuckles rmx)

Two lovely House mixes produced by Frankie Knuckles and Brett Wilcotts (Gherkin Records). From the mid 80s era when dance music was shaken up between... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X064 € 17,49

09-10-2023 - monday

The One O Ones

Radio Cosmo Disco

When The One O Ones originally released Radio Cosmo Disco back in 1977 it was confined to 7inch, which is no place for such majestic cosmic groove exp... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X029 € 17,49


THe MBO Theme

Best Record lights up a surefire classic from the annals of Italian dance music, made courtesy of Italo-Disco heavyweights Klein & MBO, who were not a... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X039 € 17,49

21-08-2023 - monday

Jimmy Young

Times Are Tight

With "Times Are Tight" we have the missing link of the "soul chain" where Neddy Smith, Steve Kahn & Co.,Touche', Maxine Singleton, Jagg ... have found... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X094 € 16,99

03-07-2023 - monday

Barbara York


"Tonight" is a captivating, extraordinarily song written and arranged by Paolo Gianolio (one of Mauro Malavasi's most valid collaborators), who strong... more...

EP Best Record: BST-X093 € 16,99

19-06-2023 - monday

Pino Presti & Garden Planet


Beautiful release coming from Italy drawing inspiration from the intense colors of the works of the painter Tania Cantone on this work of love; "Shara... more...

LP Best Record: P-475001 € 21,99

08-05-2023 - monday

Various Artists

Takes Over

Cruisin' Records presents an exciting compilation containing six full-length extended versions of summer-ish Italo-Disco tracks, selected from its vas... more...

LP Best Record: BST-X092 € 19,99

24-04-2023 - monday

Carol Williams

What's The Deal / Have You For My Love

Some gorgeous soulful boogie tracks right here!! The French Philippe Lecauchois, better known as "Phil Boogie Times" and Claudio Casalini, the factotu... more...

12inch Best Record: BTBS12001 € 16,99

Carl Smith

Come Back Lover

Proper boogie action by Carl Smith! The French Philippe Lecauchois, better known as "Phil Boogie Times" and Claudio Casalini, the factotum of the Ital... more...

12inch Best Record: BTBS12002 € 16,99

23-01-2023 - monday

CHOP (Channel Operators)


Hot release alert!!! For the next release on Best Record, the storied Italo institution delivers its first original artist album in over 40 years, as... more...

LP Best Record: BST-X091 € 21,99

07-11-2022 - monday


Nightlights in Japan

Rare Italo disco pop project Galvanica gets a beautiful re-issue! This is what the label writes about the release; "Galvanica, a voice with unusual... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X087 € 16,99

Sahara Band


Super rare Italo electro-pop project Habibi made available by the unstoppable archive label BEST RECORD. Habibi is a joyous Egyptian-influenced Italo... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X088 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

22-08-2022 - monday

Devil Dee ft.Joan Faulkner

And The Beat Goes On

Retro house sounds from Italy on this release... tunes that still go down well with some of the big name festival dj's during their summer tour! A tra... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X090 € 15,99


Music Is My Sex

Funk friven early Italo Disco by Phono! "Music Is My Sex" is to be inserted in the Italo-Disco trend of the early 80s, but also with a nod to Funk a... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X089 € 15,99

20-06-2022 - monday

Neddy Smith

Give It Up / Liberated Woman

"Give It Up" is one of the best classic boogie and soul funk song, very rare and sought after coming from the legendary Delirium Records. Neddy Smith'... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X020 € 17,49

07-06-2022 - tuesday


It's The Monkey !

""It's the Monkey !" is one of the most striking and unique reissues of Best Record to date, rises like a flame from the history of the Italo-Disco. V... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X084 € 17,49

30-05-2022 - monday

Donna Laser Orchestra

Vega Synthauri / Grace Kelly's Song

"Another Italo Disco Pearl, Vega Synthauri! One the most spontaneous and genuine tracks of the first half of 80s. The song, written by composer Daniel... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X085 € 16,99

Trouble In Side

Zulu Rap

''Worthy re-issue of obscure Trouble in Side, which is a one-off studio project entirely written, sung and arranged by Luigi Della Ragione. ''Zulu Rap... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X086 € 16,99

16-05-2022 - monday


Disco Shitan

Limited collector's edition of 300 copies only of this rare italian disco funk studio project from 1977 run by Pino Presti.

12inch Best Record: BST-X005 € 17,49

James Otis White Jr.

Baby Come On

- Warehouse find - Some last copies of ''Baby Come On'' which is one of the funkiest productions Maurizio 'Sangy' Sangineto. Sleazy electro boogie wi... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X059 € 17,49

09-05-2022 - monday


Too Much

Some italian goodness on BEST Record Italy! Official remastered limited edition of this down-tempo disco heaven from one-hit wonders Byron. Originally... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X023 € 17,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

21-03-2022 - monday

Blue Night

Turn Me Loose

One of the most beautiful songs of the whole Italo-disco history according Claudio Casalini, the owner of Best Record Italy. The Classy side of Ital... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X061 € 17,49