Label: Best - All

25-10-2019 - friday

Plustwo - Melody



Best Italy presents : the official remastered limited edition of one of the most sought after italo-disco jam from 1983! A one-off studio project feat... more...

12inch Best: BSTX068 remind

13-12-2018 - thursday

R.E.M. - Computer Communication


Computer Communication

Limited remastered edition of one of the early eleCtro underground Italian releases that became a classic in the Chicago house movement

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07-12-2018 - friday

The One O Ones - Radio Cosmo Disco

The One O Ones

Radio Cosmo Disco

When The One ''O'' Ones originally released Radio Cosmo Disco back in 1977 it was confined to 7'', which is no place for such majestic cosmic groove e... more...

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01-02-2018 - thursday

Billy Woost - Vibrations

Billy Woost


Having reissued Body, Body Love last year, Best Records come back for more of Billy Woost's late 70s grooves, all lifted from his sole self-titled alb... more...

12inch Best: Bstx025 € 17,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

K.I.D. - K.I.D. Disco Versions


K.I.D. Disco Versions

Best Records dig out some truly powerful disco from a close ally of Giorgio Moroder's - Geoff Bastow. K.I.D. were best known for boogie classic ''Don'... more...

12inch Best: Bstx026 remind

21-09-2017 - thursday

Pussycat - Le Chat


Le Chat

Limited edition remastered reissue of an obsure Italian Balearic Disco song produced and arranged by Victorio Pezzolla the same man behind the project... more...

12inch Best: Bstx021 remind

09-06-2017 - friday

Adolf Stern - More... I Like It

Adolf Stern

More... I Like It

bscure and sought after italian electronic release, but also another extraordinary 70s output from the legendary Regson Studio of Milan (remembering i... more...

LP Best: Bstx017 remind

Pino Presti - To Africa / Soul Makossa

Pino Presti

To Africa / Soul Makossa

Pino Presti strikes again! This time comes back with a limited edition Ep containing 3 unreleased songs from his 80s music archive. This bass-player,... more...

12inch Best: Bstx018 remind

Asso - Do It Again


Do It Again

REPRESS ALERT: This is just the sort of jam that Best Records Italy love. Asso originally released his slick cover of ''Do It Again'' by Steely Dan ba... more...

12inch Best: Bstx028 remind