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15-03-2019 - friday

Dawl / Moxx - Sector Intermediate

Dawl / Moxx

Sector Intermediate

Tone Dropout's finest Dawl delivers on the A-side, two gems with electro influences, like only he can do. On the B-side is Moxx from the Viennese Hous... more...

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12-09-2019 - thursday

Steve Marie / Astral Body - Psy Galaxy

Steve Marie / Astral Body

Psy Galaxy

After the last strong EP, Better Sound comes out with its 04 effort. The debut of the French terminator Steve Marie on the A-side from Opaq and on the... more...

12inch Better Sound: BS04 remind

24-02-2020 - monday

Zona di Franco - Wonder Years

Zona di Franco

Wonder Years

Better Sound 05 produced by the Maestro Franco Falsini! Original tracks from Franco's own seminal label Interactive Test. 1990 - 1991 period.

12inch Better Sound: BS05 remind