Label: Beyond The Bridge - All

13-11-2023 - monday


Relic EP

This one takes us back to the Heydays of the Teknival parties and Spiral Tribe vibes! South Korea's Beyond The Bridge label delivers a tribal and hypn... more...

EP Beyond The Bridge: BTB002 € 12,49

05-06-2023 - monday

Spekki Webu

Euclidean Doorway EP

Seoul-based Beyond the Bridge announces the Euclidean Doorway EP by Spekki Webu - the first-ever full solo EP by the Dutch artist. Spekki Webu opens... more...

12inch Beyond The Bridge: BTB003 € 11,99

10-06-2021 - thursday

Pyramid Of Knowledge

Beyond the Bridge

Three multi-dimensional sonic artifacts to lead you beyond the bridge. Tracks edited by Pyramid of Knowledge.

12inch Beyond The Bridge: BTB001 € 14,99