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24-08-2023 - thursday



A remastered version of Biosphere's debut album Microgravity on triple vinylthat includes a bonus album of unreleased tracks. more...

3LP Biophon Records: BIO003LPRE € 47,99
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Patashnik was originally released by R&S Records/Apollo in February 1994. It was number 1 in NME's Independent Chart in March 1994 and reached number... more...

2LP + Download Biophon Records: BIO004LPRE € 35,99
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23-06-2022 - thursday



The vinyl edition of Substrata is released by Geir Jenssen's own label Biophon Records. It comes as a double gatefold album featuring the bonus track... more...

2LP Biophon Records: BIO005LP remind

01-02-2022 - tuesday


Shortwave Memories

Shortwave Memories is an album inspired by the post-punk electronic music of the late 70's and early 80's, especially the productions of figures like... more...

2LP Biophon Records: BIO036LP € 29,99

19-04-2021 - monday



Anna Logue, Discogs: ''E-MAN was the first project of Norwegian musician Geir Jenssen (electronics, well-known from being in Bel Canto and especially... more...

LP Biophon Records: BIOHRLP002 remind

16-11-2020 - monday

Toshihiko Mori


Toshihiko Mori – a former keyboard player with Riuichi Sakamoto – has made an EP for Biophon Records using the legendary Prophet 5 synthesizer as the... more...

EP Biophon Records: BIO035LP € 17,99

11-06-2020 - thursday



Dropsonde was originally released by Touch (UK) in 2006. This is a reissue with seven previously unreleased recordings. Widely regarded as one of Norw... more...

3LP Biophon Records: BIO033LP € 39,99
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11-06-2019 - tuesday


The Senja Recordings

''The Senja Recordings'' is a collection of various outdoor recordings and studio improvisations recorded on the island of Senja, Arctic Norway, betwe... more...

2LP Biophon Records: BIO031LP remind
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14-01-2019 - monday

HIA and Biosphere

Polar Sequences (Remastered)

In October 1995, as part of the annual Polar Music Festival, Geir Jenssen of Biosphere and Bobby Bird of The Higher Intelligence Agency, were commissi... more...

2LP Biophon Records: BIO032LP remind

22-03-2018 - thursday


The Hilvarenbeek Recordings

The Hilvarenbeek Recordings are based on field recordings from the Dutch farm Biologische boerderij 't Schop in Hilvarenbeek. The work was commissione... more...

LP Biophon Records: BIO025LP remind

29-05-2017 - monday


The Petrified Forest

Biosphere is the main recording name of Geir Jenssen, a Norwegian musician who has released a notable catalogue of ambient electronic music. He is wel... more...

LP Biophon Records: BIO030LP € 29,99
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03-05-2017 - wednesday


Black Mesa (featuring Joan Lorring)

Black Mesa is the first single from Biosphere´s forthcoming album The Petrified Forest. Biosphere is the main recording name of Geir Jenssen (born 30... more...

7inch Biophon Records: BIO029 remind
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30-01-2017 - monday



Cirque - originally released in 2000 - was Biosphere's first album for the UK label Touch. This new re-issue comes with a 6-track bonus album and new... more...

3LP Biophon Records: BIO026LP € 29,99



''A remastered version of Biosphere´s debut album Microgravity CD From Wikipedia: Geir Jenssen began releasing his music as Biosphere on obscure No... more...

2xCD Biophon Records: BIO003CD remind


Shenzhou (Reissue)

A remastered version of Shenzhou on triple vinyl. In 2000, Jenssen nearly eclipsed the success of Substrata with Cirque, a frequently frosty submer... more...

3LP Biophon Records: BIO027LP remind
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