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01-02-2016 - monday

Pawas - Slow Roll EP


Slow Roll EP

Fine deep atmospheric and sometimes even jazzy techno and house tracks on Black keys. Nice

12inch Black Key Records: BKR013 remind

20-01-2014 - monday

Iron Curtis - Hello Ada! Ep

Iron Curtis

Hello Ada! Ep

Smooth deeper modern house tracks that slowly builds with layers of nice strings. ANother strog Black Key's release.

12inch Black Key Records: BKR008 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

09-01-2014 - thursday

Andy Ash - Broken Nights Ep

Andy Ash

Broken Nights Ep

Wonderfull languorous slice of laid back slo mo house that fuses together loose limbed percussion, an old school riff and haunting, pitch shifted voca... more...

12inch Black Key Records: BKR002 € 4,49