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02-03-2016 - wednesday

Phara - Next Of Kin
2x12inch Black Sun Records: BSRLP01 remind

08-04-2015 - wednesday

Ascion - Black Sun Records 11


Black Sun Records 11

Ascion makes his incursion on Black Sun Records: side A starts with more rythmatic, 90s flavoured pulsing techno with a bit of psychedelic acid taste... more...

12inch Black Sun Records: BSR011 € 8,99

30-10-2014 - thursday

D. Carbone - Untitled

D. Carbone


Carbone makes his appearance on Black Sun with 4 stomping 90's techno tracks.

12inch Black Sun Records: BSR10 € 8,99

18-07-2014 - friday

Yuuki Sakai - Never Fill it

Yuuki Sakai

Never Fill it

After a brilliant debut, Yuuki Sakai is back on Black Sun Records with his uncompromising style: dark techno with industrial reminiscences, tribal per... more...

12inch Black Sun Records: BSR09 € 8,99

04-12-2013 - wednesday

Yuuki Sakai - Bonjour Tristesse

Yuuki Sakai

Bonjour Tristesse

Darker merciless techno tracks by Japanese Yuuki Sakai on BLack Sun Records.

12inch Black Sun Records: BSR08 € 9,99

15-08-2013 - thursday

10-04-2013 - wednesday

Manni Dee - Pareidolia EP

Manni Dee

Pareidolia EP

His compositions cleverly anchor stark, machine-like percussion in unprocessed field recordings and abstract noise sources, toying with the convention... more...

12inch Black Sun Records: BSR06 € 9,99

27-06-2012 - wednesday

Blawan - Long Distance Open Water Worker
12inch Black Sun Records: BSR005 remind

07-03-2012 - wednesday

AnD - Black Sun 4


Black Sun 4

Adbf/ Bngd / Dst

12inch Black Sun Records: BSR04 remind

31-03-2011 - thursday

AnD - ep



AnD with some raw dark sinister techno track.

12inch Black Sun Records: BSR02 remind

13-12-2010 - monday

Various Artists - Black Sun

Various Artists

Black Sun

Three track ep with effective funky techno tracks from the Frozen Border umwelt... kind of late 90's style when the guys like Mills with his Purposema... more...

12inch Black Sun Records: BSR01 remind