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16-10-2019 - wednesday

Hector Oaks / D. Dan / Vladimir Dubyshkin - Blue Hour Remixed

Hector Oaks / D. Dan / Vladimir Dubyshkin

Blue Hour Remixed

Blue Hour calls in He?ctor Oaks, D.Dan, Blasha & Allatt and Vladimir Dubyshkin to join an impressive collection of artists in his acclaimed ‘Remixed’... more...

12inch Blue Hour: Bluehourmx004 € 11,99

19-09-2019 - thursday

Dold - S Jefferson St


S Jefferson St

Following up after ‘Express Route’, Swedish artist Dold returns to Blue Hour Music with his new record, ‘S Jefferson St’. Melodic organ lines, rolling... more...

12inch Blue Hour: Bluehour 013 remind
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03-07-2019 - wednesday

16-05-2019 - thursday

20-11-2018 - tuesday

22-06-2018 - friday

Blue Hour - Beyond The Void

Blue Hour

Beyond The Void

Over the past few years, Luke Standing – the British producer behind the Blue Hour project, has been developing his self-titled imprint as a go-to out... more...

12inch Blue Hour: Bluehour 010 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

12-06-2017 - monday

Blue Hour - The Midnight Sun

Blue Hour

The Midnight Sun

Up front and emotive tribal grooves feature on the next Blue Hour 12” as well as two ambient leaning works - forming a well balanced and mature soundi... more...

12inch Blue Hour: Bluehour009 remind
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31-03-2017 - friday

Tracing Xircles - Gaia's Requiem

Tracing Xircles

Gaia's Requiem

Introducing ‘Tracing Xircles’ - a new collaborative project from Blue Hour & A-JX. The duo explore classic UK rooted sounds, breakbeats and cinematic... more...

12inch Blue Hour: Bluehour008 remind
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13-12-2016 - tuesday

BlueHour - Unearthed



Unearthed sees Blue Hour explore tribal rooted sounds inspired by British techno of the late 90's. The two tracks offer a darker outing, focusing on b... more...

12inch Blue Hour: Bluehour007 € 9,99

23-01-2016 - saturday

Blue Hour - Miramar

Blue Hour


Swirling synths cloud thundering drums on the A side whilst the title track flirts with classic Millsian techno and fast paced hypnotic energy.

12inch Blue Hour: Bluehour006 remind
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03-11-2015 - tuesday

Blue Hour - Blue Hour Remixed

Blue Hour

Blue Hour Remixed

Blue Hour's self-titled outlet launches a new remix series. Ostgut resident Answer Code Request applies the driving hybrid techno-bass approach that h... more...

12inch Blue Hour: BlueHourRMX001 remind

11-03-2015 - wednesday

Blue Hour - Introspective

Blue Hour


Blue Hour's fifth release 'Introspective' continues to explore faster tempos in classic dance-floor fashion. Bright atmosphere and emotive melodies co... more...

12inch Blue Hour: Bluehour005 remind
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23-09-2014 - tuesday

Blue Hour - Common Ground

Blue Hour

Common Ground

Blue Hour pushes the label into faster territory with two percussive assaults of 909 tripping techno tools.

12inch Blue Hour: Bluehour004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

04-06-2014 - wednesday

Blue Hour - Flow State

Blue Hour

Flow State

Fresh & effective techno tools from Blue Hour. The first release on his self-titled imprint, setting the tone for what's to follow. Pure, raw & defian... more...

12inch Blue Hour: BlueHour001 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

11-03-2014 - tuesday

Blue Hour - Reference 97

Blue Hour

Reference 97

Some killer techno tracks. two deep tracks with layers of strings, and one fierce 909 driven straight forward cut.

12inch Blue Hour: BlueHour003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Blue Hour - Axis Motive

Blue Hour

Axis Motive

Triple track ep, with some solid old school-ish techno tracks ranging from percussion droiven to more floating string loaded tracks. Nice!

12inch Blue Hour: BlueHour002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L