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29-05-2018 - tuesday

Lokal Affair - Seremunia EP

Lokal Affair

Seremunia EP

The first new release exclusively via TAD from Boomarm Nation, who welcomes Tunisian producer Lokal Affair to their family. His debut Seremunia EP, 3... more...

12inch Boomarm Nation: BOOMARM015 € 18,49

Saint Abdullah - The Sounds of Evil - Vol. 1

Saint Abdullah

The Sounds of Evil - Vol. 1

Saint Abdullah is a project by two Iranian brothers based in Brooklyn and Tehran, who create sounds largely inspired by the religious, political, and... more...

7inch Boomarm Nation: BOOMARM014 € 14,49

Hama - Imidiwan N'Assouf


Imidiwan N'Assouf

Boomarm Nation and Sahel Sounds join forces yet again with this mighty sound-system mix of Tuareg synth maestro Hama’s smash hit “Imidiwan N’assouf.”... more...

10inch Boomarm Nation: BOOMARM012 SS032 remind

Seekers International - HER.IMPERIAL.MAJESTY

Seekers International


A special SKRS and Boomarm dedication to all the ladies, the international Gyal Dem! 10 tracks of potent, crackling dub abstraction and sound system m... more...

LP Boomarm Nation: BOOMARM010 € 23,49

Saint Abdullah - Ta Tash

Saint Abdullah

Ta Tash

These sounds are accidents. There was intent only in so far as a simple idea, which is really around bringing together factions and forces in Iranian,... more...

12inch Boomarm Nation: BOOMARM016 remind