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12-02-2019 - tuesday

MW Parsons & Marck - Altvornorge

MW Parsons & Marck


BORNEO 007 delivers four cuts of weird wave, leftfield and dance floor minded material in various BPM’s. TIP! . Mystery man MW Parsons takes care... more...

12inch Borneo: Borneo007 € 10,99

30-06-2017 - friday

Fader - Just Outside Happy Village EP
12inch Borneo: Borneo006 remind

27-10-2016 - thursday

Professor Genius - Cara EP

Professor Genius

Cara EP

Four Italo bangers, by none other than the infamous Professor Genius also known as Jorge Velez. The A side of this EP explores the sunny side of life... more...

12inch Borneo: Borneo005 remind

23-01-2014 - thursday

Fader - Frozen Shavings


Frozen Shavings

Vigorous and electronic workout by Fader. Zoovox' version turns the shavings into a more laidback organic exploration.

12inch Borneo: Borneo004 remind

30-05-2013 - thursday

Asan - Welcome Home Supper man


Welcome Home Supper man

A psychedelic mixture of electronics and analog rawness infused with more than enough soul to keep it going on and on... What are the odds? Asan!! We... more...

12inch Borneo: Borneo003 remind

28-03-2013 - thursday

Sir Stephen - PRSM.SPLNTR

Sir Stephen


An up-tempo synth driven wave affair, taking the party on a spaced out trip. Fader's remix strips this gem down to its bare essentials, leaving it in... more...

12inch Borneo: Borneo002 remind

14-12-2012 - friday

Fader - Fortunate Alpha


Fortunate Alpha

First release from this great new label - 250 copies only. Features a cool Sir Stephen remix...quickness encouraged... 'Fortunate Alpha' by Fader is a... more...

12inch Borneo: Borneo001 remind