Label: Bungalo Disco - All

02-10-2020 - friday

Italo Brutalo - Detroitalo

Italo Brutalo


Detroitalo merges the best of both worlds - Detroit and Italo. The proclamation of an entirely new genre is accompanied by Bungalo Disco`s latest outi... more...

12inch Bungalo Disco: BD003 remind

12-06-2020 - friday

Italo Brutalo - Knight Fever EP

Italo Brutalo

Knight Fever EP

Knight Fever is the second release on Bungalo Disco. The four songs are a mixture between childhood dreams driving K.i.t.t. and a time travel from the... more...

12inch Bungalo Disco: BD002 remind

17-02-2020 - monday

Italo Brutalo - Paradiso Analogico (incl. Ali Renault, Franz Scala & Ilya Santana Remixes)
12inch Bungalo Disco: BD001 remind