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Kid 606 - Soccergirl ep

Kid 606

Soccergirl ep

With this recording, Mr. 606 makes a departure from many of his previous recordings. The Soccergirl EP offers six tracks of melody-suffused ambient el... more...

CD Carpark: Carpark 886 € 9,99

Marumari - Supermagadon



Quallity release on the NewYork based Carpark records. Nice warm electronics with some beautifull groovy parts. 12 track lp..

12inch Carpark: Carpark 009 lp remind

Marumari - The wolves hollow


The wolves hollow

Melangolic futuristic electronica..

12inch Carpark: Carpark 004 lp remind

Greg Davis - Arbor

Greg Davis


Modern electronica versus the acoustic guitar. Great album with deep atmospheric soundscapes based on minimal idm rhythms and nice guitar riffs.

12inch Carpark: Carpark 12lp € 13,99