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03-07-2023 - monday

Leon Vynehall


Leon Vynehall makes his debut on the Clone Royal Oak Series with the already much anticipated track ''Butterflies''.

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal023 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

22-05-2023 - monday

Basic Bastard

Engine / Rise

Double A sided release by Basic Bastard! 4 tracks of House infused Technosoul from the master Orlando Voorn!

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal053 € 12,99

01-05-2023 - monday

10-03-2023 - friday

Felipe Gordon

For Martha

The follow up for the instant classic Impresiones Acidas from 2022. Felipe again lends his fusion sensibilities to infectious grooves to create a mode... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal052 € 12,99

03-10-2022 - monday

Felipe Gordon

Impresiones acidas

Colombian multi-talent (Musician, producer and dj) Felipe Gordon is up next on the Clone Royal Oak Series! 4 classy deep house cuts that land in that... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal051 € 11,99

30-05-2022 - monday

Ghetto Brothers

Ghetto disco

New edition of the Clone Royal Oak 005. Blake Baxter and Orlando Voorn's classic Ghetto Brothers collaboration from 1992. Fierce and funky club-orien... more...

EP Clone Royal Oak: Royal005re € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-12-2021 - monday

Frits Wentink

Double Man Remixes

4 heavy hitter remixes for the Double Man release from Frits! KiNK, Ludwig A.F., Jovonn and Malin Genie all bring their own vision of house music to t... more...

EP Clone Royal Oak: Royal049.1 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

18-10-2021 - monday



The 50th release on the Clone Royal Oak Series. A small milestone, and its longtime label friend and collaborator Antenna who has the right tunes for... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal050 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-09-2020 - monday

Frits Wentink

Double Man EP

Frits Wentink returns to Clone Royal Oak, he and his double causing trouble on the dancefloor! 'Double Man', 'Friends' and 'Trouble Man'. Three cuts w... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal049 € 12,49

03-02-2020 - monday


Freak Like U

Italian proto house vibes on this new Clone Royal Oak 12''. An elegant Mystic Jungle & Whodamanny production that's ready to be a regular force on dan... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal048 € 12,99

02-09-2019 - monday

DJ Fettburger & DJ Speckgurtel

Red Scorpions Remixes

DJ Fett Burger and DJ Speckgurtel remix 3 tracks from the Red Scorpions album. Hotter than the summer! Guarantueed to make you sweat! Limited run, han... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal046.1 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

11-06-2019 - tuesday

Frits Wentink

Space Babe EP

Frits Wentink branches out on Clone Royal Oak!! 3 spaced out wobbly house cuts from the man Wentink ranging from the deep burner Filtboi69 to the funk... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal047 remind

27-05-2019 - monday

DJ FettBurger and DJ Speckguertel

Red Scorpions

After their fatter than a 'Deepfried stick of butter wrapped in bacon' Speckbass EP collaboration on Sex Tags Ufo a few years back DJ Fett Burger & DJ... more...

2LP + Download Clone Royal Oak: Royal046LP remind

25-03-2019 - monday

Look Like

Garden of Eden

Look Like makes his debut on Clone Royal Oak with a great four track ep! A fresh take on classic house music. Italo house, Balearic beat, Chicago's st... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal045 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

17-09-2018 - monday


Goldtone Edits

An All Star team for edits of Jovonn classics! Ian Pooley, DJ Deep and Mike Huckaby revisit 3 of Goldtone Records finest for Clone Royal Oak.

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal044 remind

02-07-2018 - monday

Third System

Third System EP

Clone Royal Oak 043 delivering fresh new cuts from the dutch west-coast! Adventurous psychedelic house tracks with colorful warm tones squeezed out of... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal043 € 9,99

22-05-2018 - tuesday


Planet F.M.D.X. pt. 2

Gerd fired up the legendary Yamaha DX100 synth and proves he's still the master of machines from Planet FMDX. 4 housey techno tracks ranging from the... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal042 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-03-2018 - monday

Cosmic Garden

Pleasure Moment

Cosmic Garden (from Cosmic Rhythm fame...) new on our Royal Oak Series. 4 tracks of smooth bleepy house that only Italians do right. Deep, timeless, a... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal041 remind

11-12-2017 - monday

Mark du Mosch


Our own homegrown Mark du Mosch finally making his debut on Clone records! 4 slices of futuristic house music on the Royal Oak. Fierce tracks that are... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal040 remind

27-11-2017 - monday

Tee Mango

Losing Control

4 prime house tracks on Clone Royal Oak by Mr Millionhands Black aka Tee Mango. A very versatile EP that continues the tradition of the Royal Oak ser... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal038 remind

13-11-2017 - monday

Strip Steve

Shy Funk EP

Clone Royal Oak branching out further... Strip Steve makes his debut to the label with a 4 track ep of inspiring and fierce funking sample based track... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal039 € 9,99

03-04-2017 - monday

Fells Point

Night Games

Phat grooving bass line driven power house tracks by Fells Point following his debut release on Clone Royal Oak from summer 2016.

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal037 remind

27-03-2017 - monday


Keytronics Ensemble EP

Warm, Balearic tinged deephouse tracks from the italian house master Kekko Montefiori who became immortal with his 1990 Calypso Of House release. Here... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal036 remind

31-10-2016 - monday


Beats (+ Serge & Tyrell Remix)

A bonus release to his 12'' earlier this year on Clone Royal Oak with a rework of the Valentine's groove beats. KiNK himself add's his wellknown energ... more...

10inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal032.1 remind

12-09-2016 - monday

Project Pablo

One For Some EP

Project Pablo's four tracker debut for Royal Oak.

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal035 remind