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20-11-2020 - friday

Konduku - Seker



Seker-meditation resting in itself: You always know where you are while having no clue where it’s coming from! Rooted in steppy beats, these 5 variati... more...

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16-07-2020 - thursday

Kur - Balcak



Branislav Jovan?evi? from Belgrade has created something deep, dark and beautiful for his first vinyl release on the always strong DISK!

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14-10-2019 - monday

Koehler - Winged EP


Winged EP

Daniel Koehler with a 12 inch on DISK. Somewhat brutal, even dirty, and mean resonances cutting.

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08-07-2019 - monday

irel.ier - guang guai li


guang guai li

'No idea how to categorise this! I would have called it experimental dancehall but irel.ier who made it says it’s not! Besides i don’t care how you ca... more...

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17-12-2018 - monday

Baptisma - Pes EP


Pes EP

‘BAPTISMA is 55 years old, lives in Nagoya and runs an art space and concert venue called Spacio Rita. He has never before released any music. In t... more...

12inch DISK: DISK16 € 17,99

17-09-2018 - monday

Bambounou - Parametr Perkusja


Parametr Perkusja

DISK is more than pleased to welcome Bambounou on the label!! He sent us 3 or 4 tracks of superior quality: the music on Parametr Pureskja has a stron... more...

12inch DISK: DISK14 € 15,99

26-06-2018 - tuesday

Marsesura / Uwalmassa / Wahono - Animisme

Marsesura / Uwalmassa / Wahono


This production is a collaborative effort of Jakarta-based DIVISI62 and DISK (Berlin). It features 4 tracks by the constituents of DIVISI62. All artw... more...

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