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05-12-2022 - monday

Arcane & Jon1st - Bloodstone EP

Arcane & Jon1st

Bloodstone EP

Confident all-out breakbeat assault by new UK production team. - Arcane is a Bristol-based producer, multi-instrumentalist and breakbeat aficionado w... more...

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA022 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

26-09-2022 - monday

Philo & Dreadmaul - Do It Right

Philo & Dreadmaul

Do It Right

Modern jungle music with epic intro and an irresistible bass line on the a-side, rowdy hardcore style on the flip.

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA021 € 11,99

22-08-2022 - monday

Arcane - Rapture EP


Rapture EP

Modern atmospheric jungle music by Bristol based producer and multi-instrumentalist.

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA020 € 12,99

11-04-2022 - monday

Greazus - Phantasia EP


Phantasia EP

Rave material with hardcore DNA from Vancouver's most prolific bass music ambassadors.

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA019 € 12,99

22-11-2021 - monday

Detroit's Filthiest - Fight To The Finish EP

Detroit's Filthiest

Fight To The Finish EP

Four no-frills uptempo tracks that fuse electro, ghettotech and jungle as only Detroit's Filthiest can.

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA018 € 10,99

14-10-2021 - thursday

07-06-2021 - monday

Kator - Connor



Cold minimal footwork with stabs that build up serious tension. Comes with jungle / drum and bass remixes by international artists.

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA001 remind

Kiat - Leipzig EP


Leipzig EP

Unique leftfield Drum and Bass by Singapore's genre OG + hard hitting 160 bpm remix by Kabuki.

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA003 € 8,99

Champion Sound - Youth EP

Champion Sound

Youth EP

Jamaica meets Moscow! Heavy halftempo jungle / drum and bass plus remixes from no other than Nmesh and Sun People.

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA012 € 9,99

Schmeichel - Mana, Focus & NoBreakfast EP


Mana, Focus & NoBreakfast EP

Deep experimental 160 bpm bass music influenced by hiphop, footwork and r'n'b. more...

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA013 € 9,99

BSN Posse - Rituals EP

BSN Posse

Rituals EP

The Iberian Juke founders blending footwork with hiphop, soul and jungle on their collaborations with Jon1st, Pablo Dread and Metafloor.

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA014 € 10,49

Sun People - The Walls EP

Sun People

The Walls EP

Inspired as much by early Chicago house music as it is 80s European proto hardcore and UK turbo sound championed by the likes of Fracture, Itoa and BS... more...

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA015 € 10,49

Maltin Worf - 4AM EP

Maltin Worf


Hip hop influenced UK hardcore and jungle plus feature with one of the UK's most distinctive and versatile voices in Rider Shafique.

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA016 € 10,49

03-03-2021 - wednesday

02-03-2021 - tuesday

Various Artist - Future Sound of Leipzig

Various Artist

Future Sound of Leipzig

Rare gems ranging from 80 to 170 bpm, spanning across genres like hip hop, trap, jungle, juke, halftempo drum and bass. more...

CD Defrostatica Records: DICC001 remind

Kator - Getstacked EP


Getstacked EP

''Kator's Getstacked EP on Defrostatica is a fine example of futuristic Footwork with British hardcore DNA.'' - Kabuki

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA002 remind

Schmeichel - Alteration EP


Alteration EP

Footwork and hip hop influenced electronica beats with a spiritual aura. more...

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA006 remind

Maltin Worf - City of Meth II EP
12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA007 remind

Dispondant - Acid Jazz EP


Acid Jazz EP

Underrated footwork and juke EP with a mix of light and dark from an incredibly talented producer from London. more...

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA009 remind

HomeSick - Burnout 2099 EP


Burnout 2099 EP

Burnout 2099 is a compelling six-pack of dancefloor ammo for those unshackled by genres, featuring atypical combinations of grime, drum and abss, danc... more...

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA010 remind