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Rrose & Bob Ostertag - The Surgeon General

Rrose & Bob Ostertag

The Surgeon General

Sandwell District's Rrose launches a new label with a follow up to ''Motormouth Variations,'' 2011s unlikely collaboration with legendary improviser a... more...

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Rrose - Pretetinal



Two slices of droning, yet strongly percussive techno from Sandwell District veteran Rrose. Snarling tones rise from the depths, while subtle modulati... more...

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Rrose - Wedge Of Chastity


Wedge Of Chastity

Although Rrose's alma mater record label Sandwell District may now be defunct, the actively ambiguous American producer shows no signs of slowing dow... more...

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Rrose - Waterfall Variations (Lucy remix)


Waterfall Variations (Lucy remix)

Waterfall Variations'' brings the Rrose classic back into the spotlight with an early extended mix suitable for early nights or early mornings and a... more...

12inch Eaux: Eaux491 € 10,99
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Rrose - Primary Evidence


Primary Evidence

A much needed re-issue of this first ever Sandwell Rrose title on his own re-issue sub series of the label of the moment – Eaux. Phase 3 of the ori... more...

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Rrose - Artificial Light (1969-1909)


Artificial Light (1969-1909)

A much needed re-issue of this final 12'' Rrose title for the Sandwell camp coming again on his/her own re-issue sub-series.

12inch Eaux: Eaux-Re03 remind

Rrose - Eating The Other


Eating The Other

Icy polyrhythms, stinging acid, modulated reflections, and hallucinatory waves percolate through the latest solo EP from Rrose. Starting deceptively c... more...

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Rrose x Bob Ostertag - Motermouth Variations

Rrose x Bob Ostertag

Motermouth Variations

The fourth and final re-release of the early RRose titles originally on Sandwell District. Full colour printed jacket more...

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Rrose - For Aquantice


For Aquantice

Rrose returns to Eaux with three new spellbinding techno tracks. ''Levitate'' starts patiently with cosmic difference tones and sub bass bursts leadin... more...

12inch Eaux: Eaux691 € 10,99

Rrose - Vanishing Pools


Vanishing Pools

Following closely behind EAUX691, Rrose presents five diverse and experimental tracks full of enveloping, psychoactive tones, breathing rhythms, and m... more...

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Rrose x Tujurikkuja - Omerta

Rrose x Tujurikkuja


Abstract techno and soundscapes by Chris Dixon and Joshua Kit Clayton (scape, Orthlorng Musork, etc.)

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