Label: Editions Gravats - All

01-05-2018 - tuesday

Elg - Vu Du Dome


Vu Du Dome

Vu Du Dome is a staggeringly strange, brilliantly kaleidoscopic album resembling a sort of dramaturgy of a waking dream. It feels like a stroll around... more...

LP Editions Gravats: GRVTS012 € 19,99

22-12-2017 - friday

Black Zone Myth Chant - Feng Shen

Black Zone Myth Chant

Feng Shen

he mighty Black Zone Myth Chant returns with a new LP of Chopped and Screwed electronics via deep space New Age for Low Jack and Jean Carval’s Gravats... more...

LP Editions Gravats: GRVTS010 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

24-05-2016 - tuesday

JiFlure - Extraits



Low Jack’s Gravats label return with this killer EP of grinding, kinetic sound art/future-primitive dance trax.

12inch Editions Gravats: GRVTS007 € 14,99

25-03-2016 - friday

Black Zone Myth Chant - Jimi W

Black Zone Myth Chant

Jimi W

Low Jack’s Gravats label returns with this limited vinyl-only LP featuring mind-smudging dancefloor edits of Black Zone Myth Chant’s Judgement Mixtape... more...

12inch Editions Gravats: GRVTS005 remind

07-05-2015 - thursday

Black Zone Myth Chant - Mane Thecel Phares

Black Zone Myth Chant

Mane Thecel Phares

Exceptional slab of squashed, Afro-centric psychedelia and hypnotic Footwork from Low Jack’s Editions Gravats label made in an edition of 350 copies. more...

LP Editions Gravats: GRVTS003 remind

15-12-2014 - monday

Zaltan - Quartier Choc


Quartier Choc

Second limited releases from Low Jack's Editions Gravats label - 100 copies. Gold ink printed on white cassette Antinote boss Quentin Vandewalle aka Z... more...

Cassette Tape Editions Gravats: GRVTS002 remind