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28-05-2020 - thursday

Frankosun And The Family - ELOSSA05

Frankosun And The Family


Hailing from the Voodoo backwoods of Benin, Oladele Franck Komolou, founded the band Frankosun And The Family in Helsinki 2013. Since then, the band h... more...

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05-03-2020 - thursday

06-12-2019 - friday

Yakovets - Temperaments EP


Temperaments EP

The first release from the Vladivostok born, self taught and talented musician, Yakovets. Temperaments is a five track EP, including a remix from the... more...

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21-06-2019 - friday

Peu - 2



PEU is Scandinavian Italo-Disco from Espoo, Finland. Emotional, serious and powerful music, produced by Lassi Jahnsson and Teemu Keisteri.

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