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29-06-2020 - monday

Kim Ann Foxman - Blood Moon (Roza Terenzi / Dawl and Sween / Violet mixes)

Kim Ann Foxman

Blood Moon (Roza Terenzi / Dawl and Sween / Violet mixes)

Especial welcomes Kim Ann Foxman to debut on the label with an ode to the power of the moon. The sample heavy, acid vocal cuts no slack and shows Foxm... more...

12inch Emotional Especial: EES036 € 15,49

06-03-2020 - friday

23-11-2018 - friday

14-06-2018 - thursday

Weird Weather - Bamboo Room

Weird Weather

Bamboo Room

Lovely ep with gentle slowly building house tracks with a balearic feel.

12inch Emotional Especial: EES028 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

07-06-2018 - thursday

16-02-2018 - friday

Various artists - Covered in Gloria Sampler 2

Various artists

Covered in Gloria Sampler 2

Especial Specials and DEEK Recordings return with the second vinyl sampler of the Covered In Gloria album. Suzanne Kraft, Minor Science, Sultan Shakes... more...

EP Emotional Especial: Eess004 remind

Various artists  - Covered in Gloria Sampler 1

Various artists

Covered in Gloria Sampler 1

Especial Specials releases don't come around every day, but when they do they certainly make their presence felt. Red Axes is first up on this sampler... more...

EP Emotional Especial: Eess003 remind

21-09-2017 - thursday

Jamie Paton - Remixes

Jamie Paton


'' Opening is his dark, brooding rework of See You In The Dark from Sexy Merlin's 2012 cassette only release Heater. Taking the 2mins + plus original... more...

12inch Emotional Especial: EES027 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

17-03-2017 - friday

Alphonse - Smokey



Travelling both space and time with his constructions, Alphonse Rozel makes a welcome return on [Emotional] Especial after the Same For Me EP released... more...

12inch Emotional Especial: EES026 remind

14-12-2016 - wednesday

15-11-2016 - tuesday

Lauer & Lauer - Hotel Lauer

Lauer & Lauer

Hotel Lauer

Electro and disco inspired modern club tracks with bubbling arpeggios, sizzling hi-hats and playful acid lines and tight percussion.

12inch Emotional Especial: EES021 remind

23-09-2016 - friday

30-08-2016 - tuesday

Steaua Mare - Remixes

Steaua Mare


Emotional Especial comes together with Future Nuggets for a ''Special'' one-off collaboration. Reinterpreting the music of Steaua de Mare are four rem... more...

12inch Emotional Especial: EESS004 remind

08-04-2016 - friday

Richard Sen - Resistance Through Rituals

Richard Sen

Resistance Through Rituals

Richard Sen's last outing on [Emotional] Especial - the bleep revival brilliance of ''Songs of Pressure'' - was something of a stone cold killer, so h... more...

12inch Emotional Especial: EES022 remind

01-02-2016 - monday

Various Artists - Junta Especial

Various Artists

Junta Especial

Especial celebrates the upcoming release of it's 2nd compilation mix CD to highlight the recent music of the label , with another Sampler 12'' of unre... more...

12inch Emotional Especial: EES020 € 12,99

Jhalib - Mysteries Of The East


Mysteries Of The East

A planned reissue for many years, the untimely passing of Steve Coe shortly after the label's rerelease of The Ganges Orchestra's The Dream put everyt... more...

12inch Emotional Especial: ERC029 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L