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19-07-2018 - thursday

King Sporty & The Ex Tras - Do You Wanna Dance?

King Sporty & The Ex Tras

Do You Wanna Dance?

Emotional Rescue's revisiting of Noel Williams / King Sporty couldn't have overlooked this absolute bomb from the Konduko catalogue. 1983's ''Do You W... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC060 remind

Ramjac Corporation - Cameroon Massif!

Ramjac Corporation

Cameroon Massif!

A reissue of Ramjac Corporation's UK house/breaks anthem Cameroon Massif!. First released on Irdial Discs in 1990, this was very much the sound of the... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC061 remind

14-05-2018 - monday

Out 2 - Showcase

Out 2


Jeremy Campbell and R. Zanzibar return as Out 2 with their debut full length, Showcase. Following their recent Moving EP, the duo expand their mix of... more...

LP Emotional Rescue: ERS035 € 24,99

03-05-2018 - thursday

06-04-2018 - friday

Woo - A La Luna


A La Luna

For the label's 50th release, Emotional Rescue returns to the music of Woo to close a trilogy of reissue collaboration albums, in A La Luna. Following... more...

LP Emotional Rescue: ERC050 € 21,99

01-02-2018 - thursday

Suns Of Arqa - Magic

Suns Of Arqa


Spearheaded by Stuart Leath, Emotional Rescue is a label committed to unearthing forgotten gems and giving them the exposure they richly deserve, with... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC002 € 9,99

04-12-2017 - monday

24-10-2017 - tuesday

C Cat Trance - Screaming Ghosts

C Cat Trance

Screaming Ghosts

Emotional Rescue and Malka Tuti join forces to bring a collection of the music of C Cat Trance. Drawing on the rhythms and melodies of Africa and the... more...

2LP Emotional Rescue: ERC036 € 19,99

31-07-2017 - monday

Kevin Harrison - Fly Ep

Kevin Harrison

Fly Ep

As Emotional Rescue continues to deliver the goods for those who love discofied rarities from the 70s and 80s, here comes this EP from Kevin Harrison,... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC005 € 12,49
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Carl and Carol Jacobs - Yonge Street Jam Band

Carl and Carol Jacobs

Yonge Street Jam Band

An update of Robot Jam's music and riddim in a true Caribbean sense, Yonge Street is a freestyle remix and comes in the original's Parts 1 & 2, plus a... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC042 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists  - Terra Incognita

Various Artists

Terra Incognita

Emotional Rescue starts its 5th year by shining a light on one of Europe's best underground 80s' label in Spain's Auxilio De Ciento. Their Terra Incog... more...

LP Emotional Rescue: ERC034 € 19,99

26-06-2017 - monday

Ishinohana - La Flor De Piedra


La Flor De Piedra

Fresh from 1986 - and recently re-edited by John Talabot - documents do not get any more Balearic than this.... Spanish trio Ishinohana's debut album... more...

LP Emotional Rescue: ERC025 remind

Shavonne - So Tell Me Tell Me


So Tell Me Tell Me

Emotional Rescue completes the Dancefloor Records trilogy with a detour from House to the oft forgotten movement, Freestyle. Shavonne's So, Tell Me, T... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC040 remind

09-06-2017 - friday

Jorge Reyes - A La Izquierda Del Colibri

Jorge Reyes

A La Izquierda Del Colibri

Now entering a half-decade, Emotional Rescue presents an album that took almost as long to release as the label has existed. Jorge Reyes' collaborativ... more...

LP Emotional Rescue: ERC043 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mr & Mrs dale - It's You

Mr & Mrs dale

It's You

The second part in the Dancefloor Records reissues on Emotional Rescue comes in the form a true House classic. Produced and released by the Chicago le... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC039 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jah Wobble - The Lago Years

Jah Wobble

The Lago Years

While the story of Jah Wobble, from post-punk bassist to Tube driver to world music explorer is well documented, the fact he founded his own label, La... more...

2LP Emotional Rescue: ERC035 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Eighth Ray - Axis Of Love

Eighth Ray

Axis Of Love

Emotional Rescue reissuing some House music with the start of a 3 x 12 series from Miami's Dancefloor Records. Covering House and Freestyle, this is m... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC038 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

01-05-2017 - monday

Vox Populi! - Aither

Vox Populi!


Emotional Rescue pulls deep from the esoteric well with the first of several avant albums over the coming year. The self-styled 'Ethno-Industrial' Vox... more...

LP Emotional Rescue: ERC030 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

10-04-2017 - monday

19-12-2016 - monday

Suns Of Arqa   - Acid Tabla

Suns Of Arqa

Acid Tabla

Capturing their fusion of folk, reggae and dance to perfection, these heavy vibrations are backed with pulsating remixes from Adrian Sherwood and The... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC033 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cass  - Youth Sessions


Youth Sessions

Youth Sessions. Niklas Rehme-Schluter aka Cass. has been making a name since the aptly titled Loops and Farewell Sketches debut appeared in 2013. Coll... more...

LP Emotional Rescue: ERS027 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-06-2016 - tuesday

Carl and Carol Jacobs - Robot Jam

Carl and Carol Jacobs

Robot Jam

If you read interviews with Stuart Leath, you'll probably be aware of the amount of work he was put into tracking down Trinidadian husband-and-wife te... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC022 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

11-05-2016 - wednesday

25-02-2016 - thursday

Plus Instruments - Bodies

Plus Instruments


NYC post punk / new wave from Plus Instruments with some of their best and rarest songs on one groove laden EP. 4 tracks of pure Downtown punk-dub-fun... more...

EP Emotional Rescue: ERC024 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

21-09-2015 - monday

Mariam The Believer - Invisible Giving

Mariam The Believer

Invisible Giving

Wolf Muller delivering two striking percussive, led reworks of her single Invisible Giving appear exclusively on vinyl. Nice take on the originals of... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: EES013 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-07-2015 - wednesday

Woo - Into The Heart Of Love


Into The Heart Of Love

CD release of this lovely (previously cassette-only) album Into The Heart Of Love. A joyous, uplifting ode to love in all it's forms, the trials and t... more...

CD Emotional Rescue: ERC019CD remind

09-07-2015 - thursday

22-05-2015 - friday

Khidja - Never Seen The Dunes


Never Seen The Dunes

Beautiful electronix with a bit of early disco, krautrock and balearic feel to it with some added Middle Eastern vibes. Recommended.

EP Emotional Rescue: EES015 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

26-01-2015 - monday

Laurel Aitken - Sexy Boogie

Laurel Aitken

Sexy Boogie

former Blue Beat chanteuse Lauren Aitken's 1978 disco-reggae killer ''Sexy Boogie'' getting some attention. it was only a B-side first time around, bu... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC021 remind

30-10-2014 - thursday

Woo - Into The Heart Of Love


Into The Heart Of Love

Vinyl release of this lovely (previously cassette-only) album Into The Heart Of Love. A joyous, uplifting ode to love in all it's forms, the trials an... more...

LP Emotional Rescue: ERC019LP remind

26-06-2014 - thursday

Fatima / The Mamluks - Yalla Yalla

Fatima / The Mamluks

Yalla Yalla

A special DJ double pack from Emotional Rescue brings together a collection of Razormaid remixes, plus unreleased originals, of two projects from Geor... more...

2x12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC016 remind

10-03-2014 - monday

Cosmic Hoffmann - Space Disco

Cosmic Hoffmann

Space Disco

Initially recorded in 1978 after endless late night sessions exploring the new realms of this free form electronic music, the first incarnation was re... more...

10inch Emotional Rescue: ERC003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

16-09-2013 - monday

Daniel Avery - Airstrike Ep

Daniel Avery

Airstrike Ep

Cool wave influenced opener ''Airstrike'' comes with a fat chugging synth bass and 909 claps that are all about dark, sweaty dance floors. The track i... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERL004 remind

19-11-2012 - monday

Alan Hurst - Nzambi

Alan Hurst


Quite stunning full length album from Jason Letkiewicz under his Alan Hurst moniker. If you consider yourself an avid purchaser of vinyl, you will no... more...

LP Emotional Rescue: ERS001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

07-02-2012 - tuesday

Bob Chance - Wild It's Broken

Bob Chance

Wild It's Broken

Fantastic re-issue by the Soft Rocks / Roots Unit guys! The first release includes is by LA rocker Bob Chance, with on the A side a previously test pr... more...

7inch Emotional Rescue: ER001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

King Sporty & The Ex Tras - Rock Attack

King Sporty & The Ex Tras

Rock Attack

The King Sporty reissue series continues with the lesser known, but no less worthy, Rock Attack. This first time release of the song under the King Sp... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC059 remind

O Yuki Conjugate - Untitled

O Yuki Conjugate


motional Rescue delves deep in to the past with the release of the first ever recordings by UK post-industrial, ambient pioneers O Yuki Conjugate (OYC... more...

EP Emotional Rescue: ERC051 remind