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25-03-2019 - monday

Neugeborene Nachtmusik

Take Me To Your Healer

Neugeborene Nachtmusik returns to ET with his second full-length album. You get served six long tracks of post-industrial mixed with post-techno. All... more...

EP Enfant Terrible: Enfant064 remind

14-11-2018 - wednesday


Make Life Before You

After the acclaimed ''Rather Not'' mini album from 2016 TWINS (That Which Is Not Said) returns to Enfant Terrible. On the A-side you will find a synth... more...

7inch Enfant Terrible: PetitEnfant017 € 8,99

23-05-2018 - wednesday

Various Artists

Kamp Holland

“Kamp Holland” is an overview of the current independent electronic music scene from Holland. Some of the artists on this compilation have been inspir... more...

2LP Enfant Terrible: ET017 remind

19-02-2018 - monday


Cherno PPP / Brutalista

Here is the debut release by Italian duo R A D K O! Their music is a blending of post/cold wave and shoegaze elements. Both the songs and the producti... more...

7inch Enfant Terrible: PetitEnfant016 € 11,99

01-11-2017 - wednesday

Savage Grounds

Area Of Violence

Limited to 250 copies! Savage Grounds have created a sound of their own, a sort of post-techno which combines elements of techno, elektro, EBM, acid a... more...

12inch Enfant Terrible: Enfant053 € 8,99


Neue Zyklus

6 Track mini LP limited to 250 copies in 3 color risograph printed sleeve! Dutch synth duo Staatseinde finally releases their debut EP on vinyl! Strip... more...

LP Enfant Terrible: Enfant054 remind

17-07-2017 - monday

Ian Martin

Rites Of Passage

Ian Martin should be no stranger to people who are into electro and trippy electronics. With releases on Bunker, Panzerkreuz and Strange Life his repu... more...

12inch Enfant Terrible: Enfant051 € 16,99


Apropos Of The Wet Snow

Zosima already delivered some great releases in the field of techno, post-techno and industrial music. For Enfant Terrible he crafted a dark industria... more...

12inch Enfant Terrible: Enfant049 € 19,99

Europ Europ

Songs From The Heart

Europ Europ returns to Enfant Terrible. The band is no longer a duo as they recruited a new member: Mrs Europ on harp. This addition to the band and t... more...

12inch Enfant Terrible: Enfant050 € 19,99

12-12-2016 - monday


Rather Not

TWINS is Matt Weiner who is also known for his Featureless Ghost project and of course as the head of the DKA Records label… his project TWINS is not... more...

12inch Enfant Terrible: Enfant027 € 20,99

Antlers Mulm

Give And Take

Antlers Mulm has been sending his melancholy songs and soundscapes into the world for many years now. Some years ago one song was featured on the “Rad... more...

7inch Enfant Terrible: PetitEnfatn014 € 7,99

12-09-2016 - monday

Roberto Auser

Faceless Future

Collectors alert! Roberto Auser is known for his wide range of sounds and releases on Viewlexx and his own Ausland label. Next to that he is part of K... more...

Mini-LP Enfant Terrible: Enfant026 remind

30-05-2016 - monday

Neugeborene Nachtmusik

Komme Was Kommen Mag

Neugeborene Nachtmusik has come up with two rather weird pieces. Dancefloor friendly, playful and bold. Call it Dada pop or anti-pop music or whatever... more...

7inch Enfant Terrible: PetitEnfant013 € 11,99

02-01-2016 - saturday


Ende Der Zukunft

Limited to 200 copies with handmade artwork! After years of silence, the ''Petit Enfant'' series which focusses on all things synth pop is back with 3... more...

7inch Enfant Terrible: PetitEnfant010 remind

Europ Europ

Much More Ordinary

Limited to 200 copies with handmade artwork! After years of silence, the ''Petit Enfant'' series which focusses on all things synth pop is back with 3... more...

7inch Enfant Terrible: PetitEnfant011 remind


The Sleeper Must Awake

Limited to 200 copies with handmade artwork! After years of silence, the ''Petit Enfant'' series which focusses on all things synth pop is back with 3... more...

7inch Enfant Terrible: PetitEnfant012 remind

Neugeborene Nachtmusik

Neugeborene Nachtmusik

Some years ago, an album by Dutch band Milligram Retreat was released on Enfant Terrible. The album got raving feedback from press and music enthusias... more...

LP Enfant Terrible: Enfant040 € 19,99

Tobias Bernstrup


Romanticism is the fourth album by Swedish visual and performance artist Tobias Bernstrup. This new album moves away a bit from the italo influenced s... more...

2x12inch Enfant Terrible: Enfant039/Gooiland019 remind


Kout EP

Embers are a two-headed Dada orchestra that hammers away on drums, plays around with electronics, jams on guitars and sings in their own West-Flemish... more...

12inch Enfant Terrible: Enfant038 remind

Solitude FX


Solitude FX is no stranger to Enfant Terrible. This German Duo has been present on the great Dutch label since the first compilation from 2006. This n... more...

12inch Enfant Terrible: Enfant025 € 15,99

Cassette Tape Enfant Terrible: Enfant034 € 14,99

Europ Europ

Repeating Mistakes

While the 'Mellowharsher' mini LP (2012, Enfant Terrible) was subtle on every level, this new full length album by Europ Europ might be called subtle... more...

LP Enfant Terrible: Enfant024 € 19,99

Various Artists

I Am Enfant Terrible

This new compilation is created to celebrate the 10 years of activity of Enfant Terrible. ''I Am Enfant Terrible'' makes clear the traditions ET has b... more...

LP Enfant Terrible: ETX € 14,99



10-track LP + 2 track 7''! After several contributions to compilations and one 7 inch release here is the long awaited debut album called “puur” by Du... more...

LP + 7inch Enfant Terrible: Enfant022 remind

Enfant Terrible


‘Exploitation’ is the new film by Dutch independent filmmaker Edwin Brienen. Enfant Terrible produced the soundtrack for this gothic-noir satiric fres... more...

2x12inch Enfant Terrible: Enfant017 remind