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23-03-2020 - monday

Ike Release - Prophecies EP

Ike Release

Prophecies EP

Compression and expansion, focus and surrender, tension and release - the elusive state of balance is less of an inert, perfect condition than it is a... more...

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03-11-2015 - tuesday

21-01-2014 - tuesday

11-09-2013 - wednesday

Pegasus Heat - XXX Elote

Pegasus Heat

XXX Elote

Newly-formed Chicago duo, Chicago Skyway and Hakim Murphy, ignites the decks with 3 tracks of beating, acidic, purely analog jam-outs accompanied by a... more...

12inch Episodes: Episodes005 remind

26-02-2013 - tuesday

Spirit Of The Black 808 - SB808

Spirit Of The Black 808


Chicago's Spirit Of The Black 808 materializes on Episodes. Having experienced the ebb and flow of the Chicago House scene through many of its eras, t... more...

12inch Episodes: Episodes004 € 5,99

20-11-2012 - tuesday

Innerspace Halflife - Astrodynamics EP

Innerspace Halflife

Astrodynamics EP

Following successive solo outings on EPISODES, Chicago-based producers Hakim Murphy and Ike Release come together as Innerspace Halflife for the 'Astr... more...

12inch Episodes: Episodes003 € 12,99

11-09-2012 - tuesday

Ike Release - Subsequent Ep (Hakim Murphy remix)

Ike Release

Subsequent Ep (Hakim Murphy remix)

New Chicago label with some lovely tracks going somewhere between traditional Chicago house, Detroit techno and finer club tracks from a label such as... more...

12inch Episodes: Episodes001 remind