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15-08-2019 - thursday

Derek Carr - Alpha Base Ep

Derek Carr

Alpha Base Ep

Derek Carr on Russ Gabriel's Ferox label with four trips through sublime machine soul. If you've listened to previous Derek Carr releases then you kno... more...

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04-12-2017 - monday

Kirk Degiorgio - Beholden

Kirk Degiorgio


It's taken over two-decades - legendary UK Techno label Ferox enter their 24th year with a 4 trackerAfrom fellow Brit KIRK DEGIORGIO. Beholden looks b... more...

12inch Ferox: Fer309 remind

30-09-2016 - friday

Cottam - Treatment Ep


Treatment Ep

Strong return of this 90's techno label Ferox with a new 2 racker by Cottam.

12inch Ferox: Ferox0308 remind

24-04-2015 - friday

Hoax Believers - Campus Martius Ep

Hoax Believers

Campus Martius Ep

Following up from a beautiful EP on Fanzine, 4 tracks of atmospheric techno texture from Spain's Hoax Believers including a remix by Russ Gabriel. 180... more...

12inch Ferox: Ferox305 remind

Aubrey - Floating Point 7


Floating Point 7

Brilliant new Aubrey release on the long going Ferox label. Following up his earlier Ferox releases he drops two sweet cuts on this techno jazz fuelle... more...

12inch Ferox: Ferox302 remind