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Alan Hurst - Processed World

Alan Hurst

Processed World

Produced by Jason Letkiewicz and Written by Alan Hurst. A limited to 300 copies album release full of scenematic analogue songs. Could easily be the s... more...

EP FrequeNC Records: Freq012 remind

Pykrete - Liber Novus


Liber Novus

Double pack featuring mostly experimental electronix made on a home built modular synth, and dark techno tracks. Beautiful silkscreen sleeve artwork t... more...

2x12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq011 € 17,99

Scan 7 / $tinkworx - Coexist

Scan 7 / $tinkworx


A-side is a great track by Scan 7, previously released in 1993 on the ''Magic Tracks Compilation'' CD only. This is your chance to finally have it on... more...

12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq013 remind

BCNC - Live in Miami 1984


Live in Miami 1984

African and jazz influenced rock songs from a 6 piece band (including electronics and saxaphone) coming from Charlotte NC. Loose and raw, and all rec... more...

2x12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq014 € 17,99

Ear Pwr - We Less Than 3

Ear Pwr

We Less Than 3

Electro release from the duo Sarah and Devin. They also have an incredibly energetic live set, featuring suitcase electronics, xylophones and bullhorn... more...

12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq006 € 9,99

Tussle - Titan



Cool Tussle 12'' featuring remixes and collaborations mainly based on tracks from their latest full-length ''Cream Cuts'' on Smalltown Supersound. A r... more...

12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq010 € 5,99

Cold Sides - Perpetual Hypeness Machine

Cold Sides

Perpetual Hypeness Machine

First release on the in-demand FrequeNC label, originaly released in 2004. Experimental & noisy New York sounding punk-like tracks, in the vein of DFA... more...

12inch FrequeNC Records: freq001 € 9,99

Various Artists - La Résistance, C'est Homegrown

Various Artists

La Résistance, C'est Homegrown

Fascinating release with spoken words, industrial drones & dreamy dance on the even more fascinating FrequeNC records. Tracks by Darkkhaki and Sweet R... more...

12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq002 € 9,99

Xtreme Animalz - I Gotta ''B'' Me

Xtreme Animalz

I Gotta ''B'' Me

Arcade glitch & happy punk by the Extreme Animals. Again Frequenc records brings you ''Liberation party music from the deep south and around the world... more...

12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq004 € 9,99

Robo Sapien - Where The Beat End Up

Robo Sapien

Where The Beat End Up

More ESD/DFA sounding undergound punkpopelectrorock tracks, only more raw, with that distorted edge. more...

12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq003 € 9,99

Datahata - Itinerant Craft


Itinerant Craft

The first few copies we had of this one sold out so quickly, most people don't even know this release exists... But now (finally) it's back! Pure & mi... more...

12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq005 remind

Bass Invadurrz - Invasion

Bass Invadurrz


Explosive electro-hiphop hybrid by the Bass Invadurrz from the US. Another very refreshing release by FrequeNC records, and once again brought to you... more...

12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq008 remind

Jjak Hogan - Masters

Jjak Hogan


Another hard to categorize (and that's a good thing!) FrequeNC release. These Georgia, USA residents have an excellent way of blending (mainly) hipho... more...

12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq007 remind

Rhythm Based Lovers - Basic Rhythms

Rhythm Based Lovers

Basic Rhythms

Great 4 tracker that's somewhere in between Larry Heard's Chicago house and Daniel Wang's modern boogie.

12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq009 remind